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  • sry for being late but no i didn't go. probably won't be going for a long time
    You know what I just like thought of? I was watching Lizzie was on...and the kid who plays Lenny comes on (his real name is Christian Copelin) and like...yeah you reminded me of him :D cuz you never talk much xD though that kid didn't talk at all ahaha
    If you get this message (hopefully) then I will be in this chat room

    in about 2 hours until probably the rest of the day. So if you can play our match today, please go there. If not, then we'll have to play another time (but the lag will be almost unbearable because I'll be back on my college campus with crappy internet).
    bro, why dont you call me instead of leaving messages in smshboards. i dont check this that often. anyways, good luck in the tourny, i cant go.
    yo i chosen u to join my klan called the dark knights we r all pro in brawl online and we think ur strong if ur interested reply back were ill give u more info you'll surprised of what u learn my friend code is 5241-2098-1137 vs. me online so i can show u what were made of
    Hey man. I'm supposed to face you in the low-tier tourney for round 2. So, you get to face another Yoshi!!! Is there any way that you can play the match on Saturday? I'm in college currently and the college internet is terrible and laggy, but I'll be going home this weekend where I have better internet. Let me know if you can (and if you have AIM, my AIM is sdrawkcab5188 and you can talk to me on there).
    Sure, but if you can tonight let me know because I don't want to leave it for tomorrow in case something happens.
    mmk, well would you be able to play tomorrow, since it's labor day?
    i'm not sure if i can tonight. =\
    hey, i'm supposed to face you in the 1st round of the swf low tier tourny. when would you be available to play our match?
    maybe the next lee tournament at z-ping. it was a good tourny with named people from CFL. besides the fact that the AC they promise didn't start till 8, that tourny was very well done and the next one is supposed to be amplier. i will probably just enter for doubles though.
    Shaky, I heard from a reliable source that pk thunder is broken. Is this true?
    I also heard that Ness is broken, is that also true?
    sorry i couldn't respond earlier regarding rides to pnt. i was on vacation since the beginning of june.
    Oh, so you did lose to Chaz? That's too bad. :( I know Marth vs. Ness is tough so I was wondering how that match went...

    I don't think I'll be at WATO6. Actually I'm not sure when I'll be going to a tournament next, especially the ones in Orlando since they're like a 2 and a half hour drive away. But yeah, next time we're both at tournament we gotta get some friendlies in. My Ness has been trash lately, maybe dittos will help me get back on track...
    Oh yeah, I was standing right behind you man, near the beginning at around 9:30 or 10 when you were playing dtorr in friendlies, I think. I used the tag 'NeoN' all day.

    I was wearing a red, white, and blue Phat Farm shirt, if that helps. I was talking to Lio, Toon Link player, and he asked if you were the other Ness player there. I said 'Shaky?' You turned around and looked right at us. Guess I forgot to properly introduce myself... :embarrass

    Anyway, yeah. I saw a few of your matches, your Ness was definitely on point.
    A couple of more things. First, me and Juan absolutely owned in doubles back in PnT as double Yoshi. We even took a set off of Chops and Lee.

    Second, the reason I want us to do some AiB ladder matches is to see how well we work as a team. Even if it is online, I'm pretty sure that we can still determine whether or not we're a good team.

    Also, a special event is going to happen at 8:00 PM tonight. I really want to contact you...
    unfortunately I don't :( I wish I did but no one really saved any matches in my W!!... my W!! was located way in the back, the Camo one... maybe 8-Bit recorded some I'm not sure since he said no one cared about recording and changing the W!! they where using for his. But try him, and u might just get lucky.

    btw 8-Bit is "nevershootme" on the boards in case u don't know.
    ugh **** T_T im at snipas house leaving and noticed my gas tank >___>...yea i dont think i can make it back. ugh i dont know what to do.
    (dfear) ok dude ill be headin over to ur house around 230 that way when u finish school ill be like...y halo thar lol. so yea ill meet yo dad so we can goto florida gaming and wato and hit it up...
    Shaky, I think it's about time we do an AiB doubles ladder match. What do you say?

    Meet me in the Singles Ladder. I'm there right now.
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