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Recent content by Shaky

  1. Shaky

    Character Competitive Impressions

    I actually said the region order was NY/NJ > FL > WC> Midwest.
  2. Shaky

    Ness v1.0.8 Changes

    Magnet has significantly less ending lag to the point where spamming it vs Lugi/Rosa/Pika will be a viable strategy.
  3. Shaky

    Data Spy! - Ness Matchup Directory

    I can see Ness/Diddy being even, I might just be good at the matchup. Saying that Ness =/= Sheik is irrelevant since they have different matchups across the board.
  4. Shaky

    Data Spy! - Ness Matchup Directory

    Yeah I'll be in FL for about a month and I'll be attending CEO as well.
  5. Shaky

    Data Spy! - Ness Matchup Directory

    Diddy: +1 Post-diddy patch doesn't kill early anymore which gives us more room to get the first kill and get the advantage we need. Sheik: -1 A good Sheik can take advantage of Ness' glaring weakness vs needles (just like the rest of the cast). Almost everything else about this matchup is okay...
  6. Shaky

    Data Spy! - Ness Matchup Directory

    In Brawl, Wolf had a grab release -> kill move, a bair that beat pretty much everything ness had and a shine that stopped ness' PK game (-1 or -2). In Smash4, Sonic has speed over Ness(and that is really it)... I don't see how abusing our "weak" neutral game = -2. By that logic we also lose to...
  7. Shaky

    Data Spy! - Ness Matchup Directory

    Diddy: +0.5 Sheik: -1 Captain Falcon: +0.5 Mario: 0 Ness: 0 Sonic: -0.5 Fox: 0 Yoshi: 0 Luigi: -1.5 Rosalina: -1.5 Zero Suit Samus: +0.5 Pikachu: +0.5 The 0.5s indicate that I think the matchup can go 0.5 points in either direction depending on customs and individual playstyles.
  8. Shaky

    Worst matchup?

    Ness/Sheik is even because you can kill her so early and uair trades with most of what she has. Yoshi just has the tools to beat Ness but there are no amazing ones yet so my opinion might change. As for Luigi, his grab game and aerial game beats ours which pretty much just shuts down Ness.
  9. Shaky

    Worst matchup?

    I think Ness' worst matchups are the following: Rosalina (40:60), Yoshi (45:55), Luigi (45:55). If you play against Sonic like you would against ICs in Brawl then you realize the matchup is not as bad as you might think, it's what I did when I played against Espy ...
  10. Shaky

    PK flash uses

    Uncharged PK Flash -> nair/uair is guaranteed at most percents so if you get one of those it's easy to combo out of it.
  11. Shaky

    Breaking Shields?

    Get their shield low enough after PK Fire and then do a blatant PKT2 towards them, they'll start shielding and their shield will break.
  12. Shaky

    Official TGC Event #1! 209 entrants! Houston, Tx!

    Had a lot of fun at this guys! I will probably be making another trip to Texas soon :D EDIT: Thank you Xyro for all your help with weekend, much appreciated :) Also shoutouts to my car which was MJG and Nicole.
  13. Shaky

    PSI Magnet Reference Guide

    We don't lose to TL anymore yay!
  14. Shaky

    Ness feels nerfed??

    Buffs: PK Thunder (1/2), recovery wise and damagewise Magnet (bigger healbox and windbox, faster), PK Flash (pretty much shield breaks if you hit the full thing but otherwise unchanged), PK Fire (less lag; pk fire has never guaranteed that people stay in it, it was easy to get out of it in...
  15. Shaky

    [Nesu] It's so deserted here I could find Criminal Caterpillars. (Post here if you're cool)

    No, wish ME luck. I need it more :D
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