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  • heey dude
    you know i am makin' a combo vid and i am looking for some people who can record some stuffs for me(cuz unfortunaly i have no recorder)
    would you mind to record some replays for me if you have a recorder, or a capture card??^^
    I hope KK doesn't mind. If he wanted to team with you first then its ok, I won't barge in.
    As soon as they're done pressuring you're shield you can Nair OOS to push them off of you.
    Well, you have a while before your next Brawl tournament here so don't feel too rushed.
    Sure. :) do you want just advice of how to use him or projectile game? name it and I'll help you out best I can.
    Yeah unless there's a decent chance of this thing actually working I don't get my hopes up to even look anymore.
    I'm actually afraid to go there because I'm already tired of hearing about it.

    How is that going btw?
    If MK gets banned, that will probably be bad for Snake's tier position actually. This being said, I still voted yes.

    A big reason Snake is second on the tier list is that he is arguably MK's worst match-up. MK being banned will also make ROB, Olimar, and DDD, Snake counters, more viable.

    I actually want Snake to be considered worse though, because I think he's a bit overrated right now.
    hahaha i dunno^^ they can't decide whether mk should be banned or not^^
    still discutate the whole day^^
    I hope you and KK can make it, man. It should be one awesome time. Bowser all the way.
    Yea i play symphonia. I think we still hold the world record for fastest abyssion fight time (last time i checked tho). It was 1min.37seconds. posted on the official tales forums for the longest of times. Some of the other people tried to beat our time using the same strategies, but they were still 2 seconds off. We love the Tales of series too.
    hey there bolt^(can i call you that^^??)
    thx for your friendrequest^^
    how are ya doing???
    Thought so ever since I saw kk slider on your friends list. Nice ness and stuff. We live either near high point when we're at home or in chapel hill when we're in school. So hit us up on the phone or something when you are close. See you.
    You'll have to forgive me... but who's this exactly? I don't doubt meeting at HERB 2, but i remember more by tags and character choices. What was your game tag and main? Nice to meet you nonetheless and thank you! :D
    I use what I think is the Brown one... Kinda metalic looking. I hit one of the color buttons once and it goes right to it. I use to use the White one, but I figure that it looked so aweome that everyone would use it, so I went with the next best one.
    That's fine. Bowser isn't exactly known for his goodness in doubles anyway. A 2 v 1 with Bowser as the 1 suuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkksssssssss.
    How does M2K go to all of these tournies? Does he even eat or sleep? O.o Well, best of luck then. When is it?
    Seems good. Land a 9 on the Hammer. It is required. Anyone worth wild going to be there or is it a small tourny?
    Just Klaw Jump and jump in general against D3. Then CP the next match. If your ballsey you could try grab release chain grabbing him back.

    Oh yeah, I play DeDeDe, Wario, and G&W, too. All three of them because they're funny, not because they're high tier.
    I play Weegee and... I dabble with almost everyone. I was into Wolf until I got tired of lag spikes killing me on Wifi, lol. I play some Ness. I like DK. I mostly stick with Bowser and Luigi though.
    Ha, that's awesome. Super Mario RPG was pretty good up until the end. I didn't bother beating the last boss.
    That'd be cool. Realistically though, I can't see double Bowser working well in teams. XD
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