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  • That's what Xyro told me to make the day because of some Apex circuit. The next circuit event is tomorrow in McAllen.
    Yay! I got AK! We are getting strippers. One of them is going to be a dragon. Just for you.
    Kirby said you guys were staying with me.

    It's better than Sync's house.
    Hey, nice stuff @ the tournament Saturday!

    I must admit i had no idea a Yoshi can recover that well 0.0
    well im not sure if ill be able to attend much tourneys but after NK3 ill be working on starting my bi-monthly tournament where i live, you should bring some of the players down there to it once it starts up, pot bonuses and a free private buffet only for the tourney players that attend it.

    i doubt i will be able to attend WOBO rarely since its just a too far away for me and i have limited amount of money and vacation days i can use, which i want to save up for a trip to a con if i get the chance
    well that really sucks, i don't want to rep all by myself, i want a crew darn it

    also, how many people are wanting to go to NK3, if only like 2 people then i think we can work something out ill be heading to Wichita on wednesday after work
    i doubt it too many people at my job want to spend their vacation during the summer just around when AC is going on :(
    I'll have to try reuploading it without codes. I don't have any FD textures or for the characters involved in that match so I don't know whats up. Right when Gnes catches a banana near the end everything just stops.
    I live in Conway. Hopefully that's considered close. I'm not rly sure where we can meet up considering my parents are rly strict and won't let me go over to "strangers'" houses. But i'd love to brawl you sometime. If u can find a place for us to brawl like a venue that would be great.
    Hey. I hear you're a competitive smasher in Arkansas. I live in Arkansas myself. I've never really played anyone competitively before besides one of my friends. Do you think there's anytime we could meet somewhere and play some melee or brawl if you play brawl as well?
    I just felt really insulted after reading that, I did a random name search out of boredom and that really wasn't what I expected to show up. =/
    Originally Posted by YOSHssb
    Heh, Hades is extremely predictable. He doesn't have that many combos so when he does get a hit in, he doesn't take full advantage of the damage (I blame that he plays mostly online - or at least he did). When things aren't going his way, he goes and lives on the ledge just throwing eggs. Any smart opponent can avoid them instead of trying to knock him off until he has to get back on the stage and then punish him (that is unless he's drastically changed his playstyle since I last watched him play others and play him myself).

    *rant over*

    Wow... thanks for summarizing how i played in early 09 before i went to my first offline tournament. Why did you feel the need to post that especially when my results have been much better than your recent ones...

    Wow rereading that sounds really bad, but I really don't know what I would change to still get my point across. I just feel really insulted after reading that...
    Haha, thanks for the compliment!

    I hope I can make it to the September HOBO. I'll definitely be at MLG Dallas, though.
    Shoot, I thought WHOBO was a week earlier. I definitely can't make it--I'm gonna be in Louisiana for my bro's graduation that weekend. :(
    I'll try my hardest to make it. That weekend's the last weekend before my final, so we'll see.
    I'm not sure when we'll be getting into town, but I think we're leaving Thursday night, too.

    We'll talk more over AIM this weekend.
    I'm really comfortable with Jigglypuff, especially in teams. We'll test out both, then, and see which works best.
    So Xyro banned PT from LT. My second best LT is easily Bowser, as he's my secondary, but he just doesn't do as well in doubles. I can either go Jigglypuff, or let you find another teammate.
    Awesome! I'll hit you up on AIM soon so we can discuss strategies.

    As far as housing is concerned, the Austin carpool will be staying in a hotel room with San Antonio. I'll see if we can get an extra room--housing together would definitely be great for practice.
    I'm sorry man, my room is completely full, we got like 10 people =\ sorry dude. Good luck in finding people to room with =]
    Yeah, what bored said. But yoshi grab release into Ike's up air/smashes are too good though =)
    when u get those samus vs yoshi frienlies, send them to me so i can put them on the hobo 23 thread
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