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Shadow Huan
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  • yeah of course anytime man! ^^; and yeah a good idea, i'll be glad to help you..i'll help in any manner possible...

    as for that combo, in general it's good..but also depends on how it looks ya know
    Whichever. I got a car, I dunno if you do. However we end up doing this, it'll be important to know where you'll be. Also, I'd like to crash somewhere for sleep between days. If you have a hotel, or someone does that'll let me stay there, that'd be really good to know.
    ummm so omni is going to be taking you to rom instead of me cause my best friend is moving away and this is the last tourney he could go to and it'd be a great way for us to spend his last day on this side of the US

    so yeah... omni is cool with it and just talk to him about all the small details =))
    *sigh* I'm grounded, cuz I got REALLY bad grades in school (even though I always get bad grades), so i can't play Smash or use the computer anymore. ;_;
    Lol that's right TeeAyeEye.

    It's good to get variety, hopefully my eventual video (and it feels like it's years away lol) will have plenty of it.
    Huh, Eye, never heard of him, but I may soon :ohwell:. SC3 is still mad legit though XD love that vid. You've seen Future Sight, right?

    I accidentally posted a message on my page that I wanted to post on your page. So I copied and pasted it onto your page where it was supposed to be lol. Nothin controversial, just an error :S.
    I heard he's won tournaments with Pika. Even though he's really good, I doubt anyone can get that far with a low-tier.
    I'll try to find one with the cords/or find one that has the cords available at another store.

    Lol yeah, I tried doing some of the things he does in SC1, and.....they didn't work. I'm like, wait, the people in the vid just stayed right there, they didn't move away D:. The hard part is learning how to continue your combos even when your opponent DIs correctly. It's very technical stuff, and it's a challenge, but I'm learning.

    SC2 and SC3 are amazing, I also like Vman's Future Sight alot, good modern mew2, most of his opponents atleast DI away from him a little bit in that vid lol.
    That's good, you are the only critic that really matters ;).

    Yeah, that's pretty much true lol. Dude, pretty much all of shadowclaw 1 is because the opponent can't DI worth a ****, and even DIs into his combos lol XD.

    Kk, will do. The only problem is I might not be able to get the necessary cords at that kind of a place, but who knows I'm going to try :). Thx.
    That's cool, glad I'm one of the select few who get to see it, if that's the road you intend to take. I would advise releasing it to a select few at first (me included :p), then if they think it is good enough to stand up to the critique of smashboards, then release it public. I'm only saying this not because I don't have faith in you, but because I just don't want to see comments on your thread like "mediocre, not that good" "meh, not that great" etc.

    I hope to be pleasantly surprised. I'm looking forward to your vid.

    And I'm going to try to use my comp's vid camera to capture my mew2 for critique as well :p. The quality will be ****, but hopefully it will be atleast a small window into what I need to improve :ohwell:.
    Uhh... In which direction? I live in The Land of Rocks (A.K.A. New Hampshire), and it took me over 2 hours to get to Super Mass Bros, and my papa said he won't take me to one that's much farther away than that one anymore.
    In the friendlies I didn't get four stocked too much, mostly two and three stocked, lol. I was able to get a few people down to their last stock.
    Hey man if I were you, I'd wait till I'm REALLLLLLY good before I release a combo vid, ok? I'm not gonna release mine for another several months or so, not until I know I can RAEP. You know what I mean? If your combo vid isn't RAEP, then people will start thinking you're mediocre, and associate you with lower level playing, that's what happened to Shroomed XD. I know you're getting better (so am I :p), but I would advise against releasing a combo vid until you RAEP. Until then just release matches for advice. Good luck man :)
    Who or what is M2? Lol, I feel so stupid, cuz I don't know much about Melee yet.
    I've been to one. I didn't know that there weren't any items in tournaments until a few months ago. Nintendo makes the competitive scene look terrible, cuz I've never liked items. I was watching those videos about Brawl on Nintendo's website, like, six months ago or something, and I saw a tournament match with items, and I've seen a few Nintendo Power magazine articles about Smash tournaments with items.
    Yeah, I know. Lol, with L-canceling, all you have to do is press L at the right time, but WDing... Lol.
    I was really shocked... I wish someone would buy the store.
    My Pichu is still MUCH better than my Pika, though. Sadly, I'm stuck practicing with LV 3 CPUs. I've gotten much better with L-canceling, but I'm just starting to relearn wavedashing the right way, lol.
    I've visited the Pika and Pichu boards a few times, and it was very helpful. I was surprised that the Pichu boards re more active than the Brawl Pika boards, lol. I was actually looking for a Melee tournament around here, but I can't find one.
    lol i don't doubt, ur the first m2 i've played that actually knew what he was doing (i've seen taj in person but never played him), so you are honestly the best m2 i've played ever, for reals ^__^
    i haven't played their m2's but i've played random ppl who supposedly know how to play m2 and you actually knew what you were doing. so maybe they are better, but since i haven't played them i wouldn't know =p
    I decided to practice with Pika, so I second him now. I've also been practicing wavedashing and L-canceling a lot, haven't played Brawl since the tournament. I decided I'm going to take a break frum Brawl. Besides, Melee>Brawl.
    So what's up?
    i know couldnt keep camera still cuz it was too small but yeah ur polls did have better players than mines tho...
    i no i js love blowing it in ur face that i did better =P
    naww cheech is no more but today was fun n ha i didnt better at mass madness than u =P
    Yo, I'm taking M.Z and his GF to the tournament. If you wanna, you can maybe crash at his place, and go down with us on Friday Night. :D

    Lemme know. Also, ask Matt.

    Hey shadowball, neighborhood Vman here! lol well I'd say it's you're call.. I released a trailer video, intentionally wanting it to suck, because I wanted to build up the hype, but in my trailer I never gave enough people time to judge/tell what they thought of my mewtwo, (I used short clips w/fade away effects) If you're referring to another trailer from Galaxy Blast, I'd say GO FOR IT! because what you showed in Galaxy Blast, weren't all combos... they were like 2 hits or so.. To keep up w/the reputation that Mewtwo players have.. I mean you have to compare w/what Taj has already made... That being said, you have to show people, and set the bar for what he's set... It's common now that people will WANT something of his calibur, which is why it was hard for me too..

    i recommend, using another trailer, just this time, keep it trailer based, use some **** combos you have, but obviously not ur best, just something you KNOW will keep the audience hooked... rather than Just Up Throw - Forward B, since everyone's seen that now you know... because if i was an audience member and I didn't know who you were...I'd probably be like them and say "Your Mewtwo isn't all that good" based off of what you showed me you know? so yeah go for it Man! n n
    I need help w/something, if you or anyone you know can get me help w/some music related things.. I'd REALLY appreciate it.. I need some music suggestions/ideas for Axe Effect. If you wanna know what kinda music PM me or somethin, I also have Aim/msn.. I can show you a quick, ... well...maybe i can, lol but if you know anything PLZ.. I'M DYING HERE!
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