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Shadow Huan
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    I'm sorry.. I just can't think of anything to say, lol. You might have noticed, but I'm terrible at thinking of something to say, lol.
    Thank you!
    I have so much trouble with the M2 match-up, lol. I mean, I have even more trouble with M2 than Sheik (probably because the my brother sucks as Sheik, and only used her because she's Pichu's worst match-up and has a chain grab on Pichu, lol). His nair is just too good, lol. Have you ever played against a Pichu before other than me as M2?
    I've been kinda tired lately.
    ****, I wish I could go, but I spent all my money on Pound, so I doubt I'll be able to talk my parents into it, but I'll try.
    dude if u need help with gas i will pay for ur return gas or u could take the train
    Lol, good job.
    How have you been?
    Busy. Man. Am. Using. My. Girls iPod am. At. Friendly. Well food here. Text me bye
    when u gonna come 2 flacos n play me in some smash?
    I've traveled a lot, too. I've been to so many states. I've been to every region except for the north west and Alaska (if that even counts as a region, lol). I wish I could move to AZ. It's such a nice place.
    That's good.
    Merry Christmas to you, too!
    I was stuck in Boston all day yesterday. My brother's plane was supposed to get there at 4, but it didn't get there until 10.
    How have you been?
    I know, but it's so funny when I actually win!
    I know, lol.
    I don't want to accidentl;y main someone over Pichu. Besides, I love kicking *** with Pichu! I beat someone's secondary, Fox, with Pichu yesterday. Then they said "I forgot to L cancel", when they had L canceled almost every time they were supposed to! It was hilarious! I had gotten three stocked by their Peach the first few matches, then the matches became very close.
    I don't want to accidently start the match with Zelda or something, and Shiek is a boring character imo.
    Are you going to Pound 4?
    Oh, this. I remember watching this, lol.
    Actually, I was thinking of picking up M2 as my secondary, but right now it looks like I might second G&W instead. I have a hard time playing as too many characters, so I guess I have top pick one, lol.
    I'm back. How have you been?
    I might not be on much for a while, cuz I have a lot of school work I have to do and stuff.
    Nope, lol.
    I've felt a little weird lately, so I might not make sense, lol.
    I came in third in doubles in a tournament on Saturday.
    Another thing that happened at the tournament was that when I was playing Melee with someone (we had enough set-ups, so I decided to bring Melee) who mains Fox and Marth, I almost beat him, but he hasn't played Melee in years. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
    Lol, now I have three accounts.
    Thanks, you too!
    I thought of a name I want on SWF that wasn't taken (I hate my surrent name, lol), so do you know if I can get a name change? And if I can, who should I ask?
    Oh, lol. Btw, I don't have any friends irl except for my friends at tournaments (who I met very recently), so I ask dumb questions like that, lol.
    Sadly, we don't have enough people bringing set-ups for that.
    Lol, only 11 hours? I would've slept at least 14.
    What's R&R?
    I just found out The Land of Rocks (A.K.A. New Hampshire) might start holding Melee tournaments, but I don't know when or if this will really happen. We're going to be holding our first tournament on Saturday, but since the TO was only given a few hours to run it, it only has Brawl. I'm getting so sick of Brawl. I hope the TO gets to run another tournament so we can have more Melee tournaments.
    We're going tonight. o.o! Did I not mention that? <_< Sorry. Been busy. We can crash at DJN's house tonight, and Saturday, we'll probably end up in one of Toasty's two rooms. So, this should all work out. Still. Anyways, I'll be giving you a text shortly. I got a GPS, so I'll just need an address.
    Sorry, I'm not entirely sure. I'm trying to reach DJN, and see if he can house us. If he can't, I guess we'll just sleep in Toasty's rooms. >_> Somehow. Look, this'll probably work out. Probably. >_>;; Oh, and bring some gas money. In case you didn't think of it.
    Nah, I never wanted to make one, and it seems completely useless to me.
    Do you have any idea when the next tournament with Melee is gong to be?
    It's my xat avatar.
    I don't have a MySpace, but I accidently made a Facebook account thingy or whatever. I wish I could figure out how to delete it, but I'm too lazy, lol.
    not sure get at djn and see if he can take 2-3 more people
    again don't know what's going on saturday night though
    Okay, just so you know, there's me (duh), you, Spife, and Kyu Puff in my car. That's the number of people. If you want music, bring a radio, or something, my car has none, and stuff. I dunno where we're spending the weekend, but we'll leave to be there whenever or... bleh. Figure that out later, lol.
    it's like right next to the tourney, check the rom thread... should be somewhere

    matt is doing all the housing for us though so idk anything lol

    and yeah... we thought spife was already gunna be in NY for thanksgiving so we had already ruled him out
    I was thinking of bringing Spife (since he asked), and then we can fit a setup or two into my car. If you can get Roman and friends to get us a place to crash, that'd be sweet. If you can't, we should just kill ourselves. Or, ya know, punch them until they agree. >_> Whatever works. :D
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