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Shadow Huan
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  • not really he his good but with doc but I use marth remember marth destroys doc
    oh yeah and bring a memory card with melee on it, skler has mine so i have like no characters/stages
    yeah im down for some smash, im free on wednesday around 4:00 if that's cool

    but can't play for too long, just a couple hours
    Haha... Hey there. :)

    You know, I was wondering that same thing. I hear people claiming Arceus to be this super Pokemon, reminiscent to that of Mewtwo's strength. (So far as I've seen, not one Pokemon has come close to being worth mentioning as a challenge for Mewtwo, except for perhaps Dialga and Palkia.)

    I suppose we'll just have to wait for Arceus' movie. Most Pokemon's power is revealed in the anime and movies, so if we see just how powerful Arceus is there... THEN we can judge if it truly is stronger than Mewtwo and Mew.

    Until then, I keep Mewtwo and Mew at the top of my "Most Powerful Pokemon to Exist" chart.
    We shall see, though... We shall see indeed.

    I'd buy brawl 1.5 in a second!

    And a Bowser's Castle level would actually be awesome. I never thought of that lol

    But what I want is the return of all if not most of the previous stages from both games. They'd be remade and everything, it would be awesome!
    Yeah bit I'm so impatient. I want Mewtwo back now! lol
    I don't want to wait 5 years for the next game....

    But whatever, it's not like I can do anything about it
    Oh god, don't get me started on ROB.....
    Such an undeserving character
    Yeah I know, Mewtwo isn't good at all.
    Thats why I got all hyped up when Brawl was coming out

    Until I found out that Mewtwo was Cut.....

    I was so pissed. I still am.
    haha yep =D
    Though I've become more of a Mewtwo fan now. I lost my Melee game D=

    That and I only started using Mewtwo at the end of 07. I fell in love with him and regretted not using him for all those years I had Melee.

    And a friend request is more than fine lol
    Hm, I knew I forgot someone... I'll fix that up. Yeah, G&W's an alt, but only because he's so much fun to play even when I'm losing. XD
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