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  • Why do I not play Brawl?? MK...

    Trust me... this is the sticky kind of drama that comes when you care very deeply for someone and then get in a fight with them... *Life John*

    But details can come later I think I'm not sure if I'll be around this week-end. When would you be calling? That would make it easier. and you're still coming back soon right??

    What'cha think of the Gamebridge link? Good info??
    Dude... you posted on your own page... >.>

    I was wondering why you didn't reply.

    My life is going haywire man. lots of drama. I can't even play smash its bothering me so much. T_T

    Yeah, kirby got the buff bat in Brawl... he needed it lol.

    As far as I know GameBridge is the cords you need... let me find a link for you...

    I know you've improved since even then, so it's more or less a moot point. Least he's better in Brawl... :3

    ::tilts his head to the side:: I didn't think about that... I'll do that once I have some money.
    Um... the only problem with that is that Kirby's even worse than Mewtwo. Let me see. No reach, no reliable kill moves, freaking easy character to K.O., iffy recovery and is a freaking sitting duck while trying to recover, has throws that can KILL him. Oh yes... well thought out character there. I would place Mewtwo at the bottom of low teir actually. He's freaking better than BOWSER for god sakes, and probably about even with Ness. Mewtwo's just so awkward that no one bothers to play him. At least Kirby is somewhat similar to Jiggs.

    Oh, and I main Marth AND Mewtwo. I use Marth in tournies primarily lol.

    You don't need a web cam. Gamebridge IS the cords that you need to record silly. :3

    Yeah... flaco will trash you... and I'm probably much better than you're expecting. We'll have to see lolololol.

    And if you think you can go by my Mewtwo vid for how good I am now... just don't lol.
    A Kirby?? How did a garbage character like that place so high?! I should've been there. *Shakes fist*

    gotten gamebridge yet? lol

    Oh, and I might take you to play Flaco at some point, and any tournies that might be happening while you're back. Good times. ^.^
    Yeah, you're coming back at the end of June I think I heard your mom say to my mom? Cool...

    Yeah, Marth's spike is something you're going to want to land since it's usless otherwise. O.o

    Looking forwards to seeing you..

    Google Gamebridge... it's the way to record matches... ^.^
    I beat Omni (Real name is Nick. Cool dude.) and his Fox, Falco... actually, all of his characters with Mewtwo and Marth. We played like 10 Fox vs. Mewtwo matches in a row and I won EACH one. ^.^ Boston's Mewtwo player beat me in Dittos, although we decided it really didn't count because we spent most of the matches explaining to onlookers how Mewtwo even WORKS since no one there but us even plays the character. So neither of us was concentrating. In the second match at least. He beat me by a hair in the first match, then we goofed around in the second one so we nulled the set. *gahh* The rematch is at Mass Madness 16. Galaxyblast worthy stuff was done that i didn't get recorded. T.T

    I was at level pegging with everyone I played except the guy who wound up getting 3rd in the tourny. He four stocked my Marth with C. Falcon! Didn't face my Mewtwo though...

    I'm entering the tourny at Super Mass Bros 3 on may 2nd and at the next Mass Madness. Because i didn't enter I got to observe who played whom, what most people's counter-picks are ect. *Mwa ha ha ha ha ha* Know your opponents before you engage them. Just about every fox/Falco I saw play I could take with Mewtwo if I made no mistakes... not that I would ****... but I MIGHT win...

    Two guys came over and one picked Marth, spamming F-Smash against poor Green Archer's Fox, keeping him out and beating him. Green Archer left and I plugged in and picked Mewtwo. Immeadiatly they were like "Mewtwo?! Hey... are you Shadowball2? Man, we've been looking for you! Wanna play that Mewtwo!" :dizzy:

    He picked Yoshi's Story and THREE stocked me with that same spam. I had nowhere to go! The stage sets a tipper up too perfectly. I then counter-picked FD. and won... I think. *thinks* I don't really remember who won. I do remember Disabling his F-Smashes. A LOT. And impressing him. I then played his friends AWESOME Fox. I lost that match with both of us at high % on our last stock. He got in a LUCKY U-Smash when I wiffed a DJC F-Air. I nearly came back from a 3-2 stock difference. He was sweating at the end of the match it got so intense at the end. He was easily at Roman's level that last time he and I play when he was 4 stocking me. I've improved. *flexes* :laugh:
    I went to Mass Madness, but didn't enter the tourny. Played mad friendlies though. Actually won some matches too. Seems I'm known for playing Mewtwo. :dizzy:
    LOL he got settled TOYING with me and STILL 3 stocked everything but my Mewtwo. It's too bad we didn't record cause there was some combo video worthy material in there. Think D-throw to DJC F-air to Galaxyblast to U-Air. lol I'm still getting better. I did nearly win against his Doc, but made some errors and blew it. T.T

    It seems he wants to take me on as an apprentice, but he smokes big time so I don't know if I'll accept. Is there an un-insulting way to say that I can't stand the cigarette smoke?
    "New Techs"? PSSSHHHTTTT. nothing that takes as long to learn as waveshining I'm sure...

    Unless you count "tripdancing" :p
    Huan is my new and final tag. I'm sticking with it... and that's who Huan is...

    It's from the Silmarillion
    LOL Brawl doesn't have techs silly.

    Sure, you can beat me in Brawl cause you bother to PLAY it. Meree is a different story... :p

    How is your melee game coming along anyways?

    I am Huan... the Hound of Valinor. i will not die until I face the greatest wolf to ever walk the Melee scene... which means I'll have to avoid M2K... :dizzy:
    I played Rivka, Elijah and Nick again last week. I stomped Nick again, Elijah didn't do too bad (Never got close to beating me though :3 ), and of course Rivvy is still trying to find her feet. (She's got the makings of an AWESOME Peach player though... o.o)

    We played some team matches... and my Mewtwo has improved more still since the matches with Roman that are in my trailer... though I doubt that I can beat him yet. *I pick Mewtwo for a team battle... Nick goes "OH NO..."* :laugh:

    Nick Johned though... He can beat me in Brawl and therefore considers himself the better player... right before I 4 stock him with Zelda/Sheik on Melee... :laugh::laugh:
    I've actually gotten better with Marth by playing different charcters... its weird. Go on youtube and search under "Shadowball2" or "Biollante86" and you'll see some matches I was actually able to put up: One C. Falcon vs. YL, two Marth vs. Fox (So you can see the kind of monster that Roman's Fox is, and why I was able to murder Nick's Fox :laugh:) and one double set.

    On an unrelated note, are you going to be coming down on winter break? =D
    Meh, whatever. You were doing that to my M2 cause there's no element of surprise for me, whereas you were playing far faster than I was prepaired to deal with. That was just an off-night for me though: Nick and Elijah were giving me trouble for cripes sakes! Whatever, I would still say we're about even in ability, wouldn't you? Yes, my C. Falcon is better than yours(By a little bit), and so's my Mewtwo (Much better than yours if I may say so: the result of playing M2 for 6 years, as opposed to your what, half a year?), but come now, I can never consistantly beat the crud out of you, and vice-versa. Ah the wonder of SSBM... :laugh:
    *Reads signature* G&W is your alternate? And C. Falcon isn't up there when you were handing my butt to me on a silver platter the other night with him. If I hadn't been getting harassed, the match could've gone either way though. Did I mention how much you've improved? I need to play Roman and train some more if I'm gonna keep up with you!
    What's up dude! find a couple of good Marth pics for your avatar and profile huh? See you in the threads!
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