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  • Hi shadic, about my peach comment I made... I don't mean to sound rude but just because her move was in melee doesn't mean it's not overpowered and broken. Given her amazing recovery and options I feel the moved should be toned back too do less damage. Having it hit for the potential of around 54% is just way too much in my opinion.
    It's a powerful move, but it's likely to remain in P:M in its current form. Just be wary of holding down around Peach, and stay away from Fountain of Dreams. :)
    Should the root of the SD CARD be completely empty for the upcoming files to be in?

    I was able to run demo 1 because of my friend...I loaded homebrew and I lost some applications/booters, so now I can't even boot it up. Should I just delete everything and put the new and only files onto the root?

    apps codes private background , should be the only files on the SD card right?
    Oh yeah! I met you on Jul back in 2006!
    I went by roger3245..

    How're you doing, Shadic?
    I have had you on my AIM list for the longest time and I do not remember where I met you. =P
    I heard you were one of the hexers that worked on Link for P:M so I'm asking you for help... I've been trying to change Link's boomerang but it always results in either the boomerang not being thrown in-game, freeze, nothing changing or the boomerang going backwards... (the last one was very odd XD) How were you guys able to COMPLETELY remove the tornado from the boomerang and change the hitboxes? I'm trying to add a weak ZSS stun for grounded enemies and a deku nut stun for enemies in the air and to remove the tornado, make the boomerang faster, double the range, less ability to go up and down except during the return and (last time I use and) change the angle of the hitbox lauch to 85 degrees so its basically upwards launching... Its a lot, so much that I'd be happy with just the tornado and its pull gone... http://forums.kc-mm.com/index.php?topic=26723.0 I haven't really tried experimenting on the P:M Link much since I noticed it looks kinda (completely) different than the normal Link in hex O_o
    Hey wassup! i was trying to post something i found in teh chat.. but apparently ive been banned from it...>_>.. im not sure why i have been banned from it.. so can someone please tell me whats happened?
    If you hadn't posted about it I wouldn't have thought about it in the first place.

    I just feel that a lot of people do so much for the community and get squat out of it. I don't want to be just another leech, nor do I have any programming, art skills or general smarts. It seemed like the right thing to do.

    I wish I could help out a lot more of the individual people out there doing things but man, I'm a poor student. Dantarion just happened to catch my eye. But I dunno, I'd definetely be up for sacrificing a few luxuries to give a monthly donation to some other major contributors.
    Yeah, lol. They did.

    But I was actually looking at thread before, it just showed you how to MAKE them. :S
    Also, is there like, a point where you can put to many stages into the melee folder?
    Hey I have a stage hacking question.

    All the stages that I download are PAC files, what do I do with them?
    Excellent. If you wouldn't mind explaining the process when you're done it would help me out a lot.

    Thanks again.
    Yea but it brings you back to wat all sonic games were really about. thinking. not speed.
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