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  • I would never link a picture of cats!

    Actually I used to have it bookmarked but I just deleted most of my random bookmarks. I just know it's on sasukebowser's photobucket teehee
    That's true, Highlander Lobbying via Pyro is all about hugging your Medic / combo though.

    Yeah, if I'm free and see you on Steam we can probably join one. I need to practice non-Pyro classes, most specifically Medic, so we can work something out.
    So F8AL might have to drop out of the Highlander stuff, so you'd have to slide into his Pyro slot, as a heads up.
    you know what you should do? join the next small with me and the crew.

    it'll be a blast i swear!

    wow wait i just read that over and that **** rhymed wtf
    Thanks for the add on Steam! I'll probably play some TF2 tonight if you wanna join!
    You already said you are gonna in it! No maybes!

    Cooooome on Seikend, it's been such a long time since you were in a game.
    Join Marathon game 6, You'll enjoy it! We're about to get 12 players which is enough for Fire and Ice, the most legit set-up ever
    I feel like I am here just for backup :-/

    Not to be a copycat, but I am also interested in the mods response to swiss' question.

    I am predicting BSL will die toNight, but dont worry guys another healer will rise again in due time. (thought BSL was dying last Night and assumed I was getting Doc)

    Usually, I would not think that an indy would be placed in such a small game. Nonetheless, I feel that it could be a possibility with Zen's tunnel-ish play. I think its possible that he may be a lyncher with J as his target. Very unprobable, but still something to think about.

    Everything else about FF's plan seems pretty solid and I am interested to see what X1 flips. Really, i think the X1/clownbot team is the most likely, but that obviously depend on the flip at hand.

    So you guys want me to claim? Alright, if thats what everyone wants me to do. Lo and behold, I am...


    I confirm that I am currently Yun-Seong, vanilla townie.

    BSL, Swiss literally asked me for my reads and I simply re-gave them to him. Also, the bolded does contribute something new.

    Can't believe you are actually trying to dismiss your posts as simply telling me I wasn't providing something extra. Kiddin' me, right? U say twice that I am only looking at people other than myself + non-affirmed townie members, which implies that you think I am unfairly blaming everyone but myself. Plus, you know, as well as I do, that my logic for flip choices are legit.

    thats what i was pretty much suggesting. not a fan of the flavor either but i dont like starcraft either and the newbie game wont fill up for like a month or two.

    and yeah, my forte is really strange setups where even the craziest fake claims are considered because the game itself is so unpredictable/swingy. so much fun. This game looks very standard, so I would usually not play it by myself but starting small would be good for you and it would give me a chance to only do half the effort while still being able to play a new role.

    as for hydra names first decide if you want it to be a combo of our two names or just something out of the blue.
    me. u. hydra. next small. ugame?

    Died in a few of my games and I dont really wanna join the next small alone cuz it looks pretty plain. Would be cool if I helped ease you into your first game tho.
    Haha I understand, my first game was a newbie game and I really enjoyed it, I think you will too :D Yes deff hope to see you around, and I'll be watching the next newbie game and cheering for ya :p
    Hi! I've seen you around Dgames, not sure if you are signed up for any games but its a lot of fun :D everyone is really nice, and mafia games are pretty addictive lol :p (this is coming from a newbie myself, I'm only in my second game right now)
    ahh, you dont have to join a newbie for your first game.

    Mine wasn't. Still, I do think there is a newbie in the work. And, if you can speak coherently in the DH, you'll be more than capable of doing fine in dGames. :p
    see you lurking dGames alot but I have never seen you play one before o_o

    I remember you from the debate hall though.

    you should play a game sometime! dGames is teh awesome
    Ahh, I'm fine with that. Its just that I totally forgot what I posted because no one responded to that thread for like, 2 days.
    Thinking on my feet is how I learned to debate anyways. It's how I did it at school, but its nowhere near as good as a thought through answer. Regardless, very well done!
    Yeah for sure. I'm just about done with it anyways. See ya around.
    Your logic is excellent. I concede to what you've posted, however I am going to argue for the sake of debate.

    Well done dude
    Lol, First time I've seen you, you should join a game! go to the DGames Sign-ups thread
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