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Recent content by Shadic

  1. Shadic

    Project M Social Thread Gold

    @Raccoon Chuck - Is your avatar from Valkyria Chronicles? Niiice.
  2. Shadic

    Project M Social Thread Gold

    https://www.reddit.com/r/SSBPM/comments/3njppj/amondays_week_46_shadic/ sup. Ask me stuff.
  3. Shadic

    ****post 'Grand Finals' Brawl-(A Brawl mod, like PM!)

    This goes in the Workshop.
  4. Shadic

    Link 3.6 Changes

    @Ev1l @E2xD - Please don't double/triple post. Thanks.
  5. Shadic

    Tier List Speculation

    Opponent percentage impacts KB, not hitstun directly.
  6. Shadic

    Tier List Speculation

    For reals though: I'm going to start issuing out infractions that actually mean something in this thread. No more 0-point "warnings," or 1-point wrist-slaps that go away in a week. kthx. <3 :alakadoof:
  7. Shadic

    Tier List Speculation

    Quick remember that this isn't the Social Thread. Thanks guys. <3
  8. Shadic

    Link 3.6 Changes

    I tried with the adjustment to the second hit. I also agree with you, but long story short I don't make all the shots.
  9. Shadic

    Should Ganondorf Change?

    ...His Fsmash was changed to basically be his old Warlock Punch animation.
  10. Shadic

    Link 3.6 Changes

    @Beorn The range really isn't worse.. I had the same thought as you at first, but here's a comparison: (Both pictures taken the last active frame of the grab - 3.6's ends earlier, so it's earlier in the animation) Also worth noting is that the grab is a bit disjointed in front - meaning that...
  11. Shadic

    Tier List Speculation

    It's an angle change of 50 -> 45. That's uh.. Not dramatic.
  12. Shadic

    Tier List Speculation

    @Damp - Don't double-post, please.
  13. Shadic

    G&W still too good?

    Tier list speculation, please.
  14. Shadic

    Any Ways To Get Project M For Free On PC No Hack?

    Project M requires a copy of Brawl, one way or another. Smashboards doesn't allow piracy discussion, sorry.
  15. Shadic

    Bomb texture

    Because nothing is as easy as it seems. And it would be a large amount of work for basically no reward.
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