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  • For a while now I've been tagging @Zodiacmofat, randomly stumbled across a post of yours :^]
    Hey.I saw your Melee online stream today.I have a question for you.How do you get Melee online if you have a wii and your playing Melee on it?I've been searching the internet for it,but I didn't get the answer.
    the fear of not doing well is something that is tough to overcome. you as a compettive player that doesn't mind losing to better players have to help them understand that losing is a part of learning and that by going to a tournament, they will improve vastly. do they only play amongst themselves?
    you did state there was a lack of willingness to go to tournaments, which is a real big problem. are there any potential reasons for this that you can think of?
    there's lots of little things you can do - it ultimately depends on how much responsibility you are willing to take. there are lots of potential problems that can arise within a community that make people unmotivated. what would you say your biggest problem in the community is?
    are you going to be by yourself and are have you found a place to stay on thursday?

    Do you still plan on taking this offer? because I have a guy in the wings who waiting on your answer.
    were driving down on that friday, the 6th. we have the hotel starting on the sixth and checkout is the 9th.
    Ive also arranged a ride to get us to the venue and back each day and its gonna be 5 bucks to him for gas for the whole weekends worth of transport.
    Well at the moment its going to be me and 3 other people staying at a hotel a few miles from the actual venue, though theres going to be ~20 smashers staying at the same hotel. Most likely in adjacent rooms I currently have space for 2-3 more people and we will have the hotel from friday night through sunday night and mon. morning. The hotel is going to be 40 bucks per person for all 3 nights.
    nooooo I didn't see that post in should I get melee.. :( i've been playing it alone for years. I really have no idea how you can not have fun trying to pillar turtles
    so if i do make it out to a tournament near you (melee) or one that your possibly hosting, would you house me? Also can we money match?
    if anything, we need to get the youtube scene back up, people used to go on it to look for new melee videos, now it's starting for brawl boosting its popularity and downing melees.
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