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  • I did the same thing when I first saw it. Anyway, I'll upload it next time I'm on the desktop. I had no idea my external didn't have my images on it.
    It's Clefairy :)
    ...or so I hope. Why else would there be brown things coming out of it's head?

    I'll upload the actual image sometime later today.
    if you go to deviant art you can find it there. i think i typed in jigglypuff brawl or something along those lines in the search.
    mm well I dont think we really much care for uploading vids on youtube, if you really have your heart set on it you have two other options, you can talk to jambo because he has a device like that that lets him record and upload stuff, and the other option is to send the file's to shaya and he'll probably record them and upload them for you.
    Yeah, that would probably work pretty well. I think we only played on or two games with link/DK? I can't really remember, but I'm pretty sure we did pretty well.

    But yeah, we should just mess around with some stuff and see what works best.
    well piesaacs not free today, you can come over and play me for a bit if you want just let me know, I'm pretty ****ed though I got hardly any sleep :(
    Ah okay.

    Yeah actually, I think Jiggs would be good. The only problem I see is us not having a projectile at all. I don't think Link's projectiles would get in the way much. A few bombs or something wouldn't hurt DK too bad. But who knows, I really have anyone in mind in particular. We should try out some team combinations next meet.
    Yeah, definitely. :) When's the next tourney? Do you reckon Jiggs would work well though? I'm not sure how she goes in doubles, so I dunno.
    nah **** that, losing with marth to your jigs by being 2 stocked 5 times in a row kinda broke my spirit.
    I can only play snake
    I see your viewing the metaknight board, how elitist of you :)
    anyways you coming tomorrow night?
    Haha I don't really dwell on it, it's just talking to you reminded me. :p

    Man, 100 Chuck Norris times is a lot, good to hear. I can't wait for the rematch. :3

    I should definitely be at Rocky, we'll have to get in some matches for sure.
    Yup, this site pretty much snags you and never lets go.

    Email notifications are for the weak. :p
    Haha, what's up Scabe. Your Link is too ****, I'm still buttsore from our last crew match. :(

    My Icies are like 100x better now though, watch out!

    I just had to post that. :laugh:

    Sounds cool. I should have a little look into that. You need a credit card I suppose?
    Nah I just realised. Email notifications haven't been working since Nov 2008.

    Heh, blame MLG.

    Trust me though, if you're on SWF enough, there's no need for them.
    If you go to User CP, and click "Edit Options", there should be all the email notification options there. Funnily enough though I don't think I've got any.

    Maybe I used my gmail to sign up lulz.
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