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  • Jon I've decided to go ZSS to team with your DK :)

    Can't wait to try it out!

    Instead of learning Peach, can you learn either your Kirby or Ike?
    I say like the noobest things. I'll probably be there tomorrow! Also you should post in the Link boards ;)
    nah chage of plan, since I'm working I'll just duck over and grab you which saves him going out of the way
    Harro, shame I missed you on Wednesday. Had no idea you were Silfa till it was too late!
    Where did you find yours? I found it in icanhascheezeburger. If you look closely it says it in the left hand bottom corner
    Our team is:

    Semi-passive/semi-aggressive (one half of the team rushes in for close quarters combat while the other is left back to support with projectiles, protect from attacks and so on).

    So your a:

    * Finisher: A character that specializes into finishing enemies that are already damaged or send flying. This is usually done by hitting them hard enough to send directly out of the screen or by gimping them.
    * Damage racker: The main damager in the team, this character usually tends to rush directly into fight and causes lots of damage really fast, but has some trouble sealing the deal with KOs.

    I'm more of a:

    * Supporter: These characters favor the sidelines of battle and try to avoid unnecessary direct combat with enemy while supporting their partner with projectiles and other means.
    * Stock holder: Well protected character whose main job is to stay alive on the battlefield. The point of this is to keep a stock lead compared to the enemy team, thus forcing them to stay active.
    * Spacing master: The one who helps creating good situations and positions for the team. This is rarely ones only job in a team, but some characters perform in this task extremely well.

    I think I need to work on this:

    * Multitasker: This means a character that has wide array of options, enabling him/her to work as kind of jack-of-all-trades, always choosing the most beneficial style for the team according to the situation.

    We knock off pretty much all those things, I don't' know if it's a good thing or a bad thing though :p

    We do heaps well in teams I think, it's just that when we played Smoking Puppy and Bylim it really like opened my mind as to how fail we can be. Our styles clash but I believe there's a way that we can somehow make our styles work.

    I'm just brainstorming at the moment.

    I'm thinking that we should always go for larger stages. FD, Yoshi. Ban Battlefield because it's too small for Link.

    We gotta come up with some combos, I can put opponents up into the air with my Up-tilt where you can follow with a Back air or maybe up Air. Maybe I should try juggle my opponents and you can come in the air or something.

    Basically what we should do is like write something up like in that thread:

    Pros and Cons
    Good Stages
    Bad Stages

    We could even practise online with 1 CPU at level 1 while we`re on a team so we can work on combos and tactics and if you really wanted we could talk on the phone discussing ideas, it would help but it be weird. Lol.

    Anyways I just remember yesterday how Link got in the way of your ****** but if we can work around that then yeah I`ll go Link! :D
    Well Luke was saying that there might be a tournament just before Rocky in Sydney one which Tedeth is holding.

    I think Jigg's does well in doubles. You grab, I rest, if I'm sleeping just jab me. She doesn't really get in the way like Link does. :laugh: Who else would you have in mind?
    Hey if we both go to that Sydney tournament you wanna team up for doubles? Perhaps Jiggly and DK? I don`t want to be Link because he gets in the way with all his spam. xD
    Don't beat yourself down like that :( You ******* **** so hard that you make everyone else feel like a loser. Especially me!! :mad::mad::mad::mad088:
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