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Red Arremer
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    You better be. ::noms on one of your ears::
    Congrats on the job! ::snuggles and licks.::
    I saw your post in the BBR MU thread and I was like..."I miss him... :("
    Heh, I do believe your right. I just dunno if I could get back into this forum sadly. I don't even talk in forums as of late. Just been talking with friends on skype, and typing to some on MSN/Steam.
    That's good to hear I think. Surprised you still have me on your friends list since I disappeared from this place and haven't talked to you in forever. If you want to continue talking to me and get reacquainted I can give you one of my IM names.
    Heavy Advantage (70-30 to 80-20)
    Advantage (60-40 to 65-35)
    Slight Advantage (55-45)
    Even (50-50)
    Slight Disadvantage (55-45)
    Disadvantage (60-40 to 65-35)
    Heavy Disadvantage (70-30 to 80-20)

    Samus vs XYZ=^^^^^^^

    Metaknight=Heavy Disadvantage
    Falco=Heavy Disadvantage
    Marth=Heavy Disadvantage
    Ice Climber(assume near-perfect to perfect CGing)= Heavy disadvantage
    Olimar=Heavy Disadvantage
    Dedede=Heavy Disadvantage
    Fox=Slight Disadvantage
    Pit=Slight Disadvantage
    DK=Slight Advantage or Even
    Wolf=Slight Disadvantage
    PT=Even or slight disadvantage
    Lucas=Slight Disadvantage
    Mario=Slight Disadvantage
    Falcon=Slight Advantage
    Link=Slight Advantage
    Zelda=Slight Advantage
    Ganon=Heavy Advantage
    Few things:

    1. Im assuming you are looking at he MU chart in the Samus boards, right? Look, i was forced to make the chart based off of everyones views on MUs(most of them are ******** and have NO idea about high level samus play). I totally disagree with MOST of the ratios we have because some of them are truly wrong.

    2. I grade differently than the rest of the boards. I dont use numbers because some boards call 50-50 even while others call 60-40 even. I use generic terms to describe MUs(ill add in the numbers so u can make sense of the way i grade MUs)

    Heavy Advantage (70-30 to 80-20)
    Advantage (60-40 to 65-35)
    Slight Advantage (55-45)
    Even (50-50)
    Slight Disadvantage (55-45)
    Disadvantage (60-40 to 65-35)
    Heavy Disadvantage (70-30 to 80-20)

    So if i ignore that MU chart and go by what i personally believe...........Samus vs Gw is a Disadvantage (60-40 to 65-35) for Samus. Im not trying to sound arrogant but if you/bbr want GOOD info about Samus, come to me. Im not gonna butter up Samus and make her seem better than she is.
    WHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA I am older than you! Look up to your elders, ya scum bag!!!!!!

    All thats left is the MONTH! Im a november baby...what about you?
    Yeah I'm trying to find lots of pictures to use of him he's just so cool and chill looking lol. I keep hoping it'll come out in America, it looks like a pretty fun game. I wish I got the first game @___@.

    I totally see where you're comin' from, man.

    Personally, though, I prefer internet anonymity, so yeah.

    Good talking to you again, though.
    Sorry, bro, can't think of you by any other name. I mean, yeah, you may prefer your current name, but I knew you as Spade.

    You were awesome then, and your avatar indicates that you're still as awesome.
    I can't waittttttttttttttttttttttttt for it to come out.
    I'm importing it if it doesn't come to America.
    I've been using pic of Red I just wanted to use Persona for a bit.

    Lol, awesome!
    Speaking of Castlevania, have you played Harmony of Despair yet? I've heard some good things, but the fact that you can't do multiplayer on a single system has been too much of a bummer for me to actually get it myself.
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