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Red Arremer
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  • So, YOU'RE the guy who discovered that Mewtwo was worked on and then cut, and that Sakurai was considering putting in crud like Toon Zelda and Plusle and Minun into the roster, which then lead to me nearly destroying my computer Monitor in a blind rage.
    Yeah, a new game would be nice, but it'll be new to me since I never had the chance to play the old one.

    lol, Klonoa ftw!
    Yeah, GBA games aren't as good, but they're still very fun to play.
    I'm PRETTY sure I know who Guntz is, I think I saw a picture of him side by side with Klonoa.

    Yeah, Klonoa makes more sense than any other Namco character because Soul Calibur and Tekken games are just too violent and vulgar for Nintendo and Pacman would be...really lame, lol, as much fun as his games were, he does not deserve a Smash appearance.

    I'm still extremely excited about this Klonoa remake! I never thought the day would come that there would be a new Klonoa console game.
    It's true. I was thinking of Klonoa to be in Smash, but like you said, he's very underrated.

    Although, I love the Klonoa franchise because every game is good. He has a very strong series...as opposed to my favorite blue hedgehog...who has hit a lot of big bumps.
    Klonoa is the freakin' man! <3

    My alltime favorte level is the snowboarding one. Is it just me, or is the level after that one INSANELY hard?
    I need to get the other Klonoa GBA games, I only have the first one. It's still great though. Thanks for the links too
    You are the only other person I know who owns/plays the game :D
    Are they seriously?

    Thank you, you just made me an icredibly happy person. Where did you find this out at?
    lol, thanks
    I love Klonoa! Sadly, I never got to play the original for the PS1, but I own and beat the second one...it's amazing. My avatar before was the King of Sorrow (Final boss in Klonoa 2)
    Heya. Sounds cool. If you have MSN, then one can smartly exchange it to me please by PM, to himself about that a little bit.
    So I was looking through th MYM awards recenlty, and I noticed that you were the other person to vote for me besides MasterWarlord.

    Consider this message a late thank you. :)
    Since the thread about the most hated song got closed, I'll just reply to your comment here.

    I know that Norfair is a lava environment, it always has been -- my point was, when have there ever been the waves of lava like there are in the Norfair stage? Like the huge one from the back or the ones from the side?
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