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Red Arremer
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  • I was actually JUST thinking about that the other day and was considering trying to solo it, but I'd much rather it be a joint like it was always meant to be.
    I did write a negative article with you in it, but it was very harsh and I ended up writing an apology for it myself. To be honest, if you want to write an apology, do so, but no one is angry at you or really thinks much of what happened anymore. Just as an example, Kholdstare said "yaaaay" in the chat when I said you had an interest in making sets. If you want to clear the air, sure, but don't feel you have to.

    If you posted an article, it would make much more of a statement than posting it in the thread. You're welcome to do so, though Junahu would need to add you and that may take a day-or-so.
    I was just talking to the chat. Most people there are either new and knowing the situation, say they'd welcome you back happily or old members who harbour no ill feelings towards you. With your set quality, I wouldn't worry about it - Kibble came back from his two-year pilgrimage and is also behind. If you want to post sets again or get back into the community, that'd be awesome, dude!

    If you want to post an article, you'll want to PM Junahu about adding you to The Bunker. This is where literally anyone can post articles now and has replaced The Stadium for that.
    It's more of a meme now, I don't think anyone has hated you for a long time. :)
    Depending on how many of the champions in the list you'd be interested in trying, it'd be a worthwhile venture, if you have the spare cash to do so. Yeah, a lot of them are low IP, but you can always use that IP for other champs and/or runes, which is never a bad investment.
    I highly recommend it. As a fellow Sona player, I'd love to hear of more exploits of her. I tend to like AoE champs, too, but I'm trying to broaden my horizons now that I'm getting higher level. So, I'm playing Annie, Anivia, Brand, Tristana, Janna, and Sona. Hopefully when I get my AP runes all situated, I'll be able to buy more runes to play more champs effectively.

    The way I play Sona, by the way, is a complete and total bully in the beginning. Nothing gets a lane thinking twice faster than Sona bursting champs' health levels down to dangerous levels and then ducking back into the brush. XD

    I can't promise that I'll be super amazing, but if you ever do want to play, lemme know. As long as I'm around, I should be able to play at least a little bit. ^_^
    Ooo, yay! This makes me appreciate you even more. I like people with good taste. ^_^

    Of all the supports, I'm most willing to play her. I'd like to think she's one of my better champs, and I always love to have her around. How about you?
    Spad--erm, I mean... Joel!! :bee: How's it going? Man, it's been so long... What are you up to these days?
    Yeah, I love this thing dude :D

    I had it stashed away on my computer and found it while I was looking around for some other stuff, lol
    I barely remember that cartoon. I usually watched the X-Men one.
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