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P.c. Chris
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  • Saw the documentary, the whole melee thing was quite epic. Don't think what you were a part of wasn't absolutely awesome.
    yo PC, you going to AnimeNext again this year? this year there's gonna be a Melee tournament
    Oh and I hope this story of mine doesnt sound strange or creepy rofl, that is not my intention xD. I was just a bit bored and thinking of my past and thought id share it with you lol.
    Lol, this is kind of random but kinda want to make a shoutout. I was just randomly reminiscing the old times from my childhood in melee and remember mlg orlando and later at pound 2 and whatnot and kinda just remember u being the 1st pro player I played back in the day without being introduced to 1 through other means. (Well excluding m2k,chudat,azen,dashizwiz,etc, but all those I met through other ppl mainly thru chu since he is my cousin, but you catch my drift >_>)

    But anyways, yeah just wanted to say hi, how ya been and what not, u probably don't remember me much and if u do im a bit amazed rofl. I'm not sure yet but I may be able to go to apex. Mayb Ill c ya there? I haven't trained for melee since 07' though and I haven't traveled for brawl in a year >_>.
    So....I'm moving to the EC next week, and I was wondering if we could team at something. Peach/Fox is super ****, and I'm pretty good at stock tanking/damage dealing and 2 v 1s.
    Your fox is the definition of Sexy **** so you know lol
    **** that is Sexy = PCs Fox
    You set the bar with Falco. Forget what anyone else says. I hear your Falco is still **** but your fox is very **** good. Are you going to Genesis?
    wats up PC i was always curious about somethin if u dont mind me askin but on smashboards wats wit the whole smash n00b smash director smash master smash lord etc. wats that all about i never quite understood that
    You still play Melee? Just asking because your fox ***** at Revival of melee.

    Also you join Smashboards on my B-Day!
    pc chris how do i get better with fox i wanna beat raynex 'cuz he's a big meanie and keeps hitting my pretty fox when we play and i want him to stop and hit him back more

    also, how do you fight jigglypuff?
    yo pc chris. i wanna talk to u bout suttin. go on aim or skype when u get this cus i added u on those
    I think that since we're going to Solid Jake's on sat night, i could probably drop you off as well if you needed it!
    hey pc, if you needed a ride to Mass Madness, I posted about being able to pick you up a little while ago. Please get back to me about this so I can prepare the dildoes ahead of time.
    They're Dashing and daring,
    Courageous and caring,
    Faithful and friendly,
    With stories to share.
    They march through the forest,
    They sing out in chorus,
    Marching along,
    As their song fills the air.

    Gummi Bears,
    Bouncing here and there and everywhere.
    High adventure that's beyond compare,
    They are the Gummi Bears.

    Well, Magic and mystery,
    Are part of their history,
    Along with the secret,
    Of gummiberry juice.
    Their legend is growing,
    They take pride in knowing,
    They'll do what is right,
    With whatever they do.


    Well, my girl, dolores
    she march through the forest
    she takes one of each
    and sticks it down her pants?
    i like the red ones
    and i like the yellow ones
    we bite off their head
    and we give them to our friends


    Gummi Bears,
    When a friend's in danger they'll be there,
    Lives and legends that we all can share,
    They are the Gummi Bears,
    They are the Gummi Bears,
    They are the Gummi Bears!
    ah ok, thanks for the advice..one more question though. I noticed that unlike me, you tend to aerial out of shine after almost every missed aerial while i'm trying to wavedash out sometimes because i'm stupid.

    I was wondering what your basic plan is for when you miss. Do you just intend to shine as they get near then jump out with dair or a nair? should i retreat the dair? or am i better off just jabbing. I feel like I have quite a few options, but i have no clue what is best.

    I feel like i often don't have a set plan when i miss, i just jab if they are near or go stupid berserk and send more flying nairs their way.
    pc, write a fox ditto guide. I'm bad at the matchup and I don't get how you manage to have so many aerials in your game without getting grabbed to death.
    So I saw your new videos on youtube, and was wondering if you are going to go to Genesis, because that would be awesome.
    love ur fox dude, trying to learn fox, and ur fox teaches me a lot everytime i watch it
    If you do want to play at any point and time hit me up on AIM: DDotwx2
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