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  • KP - Gas is $15. Do you want to come? We're leaving from my house at 3 pm. If u need to talk, ill pm u my number
    I may not be in the country, so you'll have to ask mahone. You could also play with my brother. he's not that experienced at the game and would probably be good practice when you want a break from the mahone
    i'm in blacksburg with mahone, let me ask him if i can get a ride up to nova with him when he goes and then ride with you from nova to nj
    Yeah we have spots in our car. There's 2 cars going from MD/VA. Where do you live?
    I think the biggest limitation of Marth is that he doesn't have a projectile. He will never be able to control space or exert certain kinds of pressure on the opponent in the same way(s) that Fox, Falco, and Sheik can. Or even Peach. He's limited like that. His entire game needs to revolve around footsies, his priority, his punishment, and other conventional space-oriented combat type things.

    That said, he's really good at those things so I think he'll be okay. I just don't think he'll develop as much as the other top characters as the game continues to evolve.

    I think Peach's limitations vs Puff are more severe than Marth's vs Sheik. Peach is not very good vs low tiers either (which is a trait that many are insisting Marth has).
    The histun formula is not public, as we haven't learned everything about it yet.
    Turn around takes 1 frame.

    Like I said you can be up to -3 on this. That means they can jab before your grab will come out. I'd test it yourself to get %s, because I don't have the time.

    I doubt non-tipped fair would ever combo into grab. Dair is special in that it sends downward; this means knockback is multiplied by .8x while hitstun remains the same, so there's more hitstun for less knockback, making combos much more feasible.
    If you can go to AMAZING Guts on March 20 Saturday, can you please also bring that mini-tv as well?
    When are you going to be back in the neighborhood? Me and Shaden miss you. :(
    kp, did u test out of all ur courses so u could come room with me in my dorm with my roommate and chill and go to tournies with me yet?
    Yo, you trying to come out to Gloucester this weekend with Shaden and Theo? My mom already said it was cool for people to come over.

    You'll be able to stay the night too so you don't have to leave early unless you've got to. We all need the practice before HERB.
    just need to over aim your attacks, your opponent is most likely going to dash away expecting you to attack. So just aim behind where your opponent is and overshoot your attack. that's basically all i do
    I played you twice on FoD. First as Falco, than as Fox. And me and Matt played against you and Mask is Teams Losers Finals.
    Oh sh*t, didn't see this message till now lol. You gotta leave it on my profile if you want me to see it bro.

    Yeah, uh, we kinda smashed in Charlotte two days ago...I woulda told ya if I'd gotten your message...my bad.

    We Melee'd a good while too...more than 4 hours I think.
    well, that's about the same distance...so maybe i'll try to make it to one of those..honestly, playing in tournaments isn't a very good way to increase your skill level since you only get 3-4 matches against people better than you usually...so i'll try to watch the boards to see when you're planning stuff in charlotte

    increasing my smash skill >>> car exploding
    If you can get more bros over, then sure. Otherwise, we (top three at least) usually meet up at ali's place (Charlotte) most of the time to train. You're welcome to go when we do.
    I don't cuss lol. As for that other stuff, I just said it for fun. I'll control myself if I visit you.

    I'd like to go see ya, but it is kinda far for me, and I like smashin with more people (no offense to you, it's just part of the reason I play and all...).

    Sorry about your car bro. I'll see what I can do to catch up with you again, but it won't be for a good while though. I can't do anything else this month or the next, and the one afterwards I'm goin to GA for TO4.
    umm yer that's coz you dont know me... but maybe one day would you like to vs knightpraetor ??

    well yer sorry about just droping by ar randome...
    hello there

    nice kindomhearts avatar...

    how are you??
    what you been up to??
    having fun??
    well if you ever wont to play a round that all kool just look me up kk

    well take care c ya bye...
    Well G-Boro rides with Vilt and im sure we will have room if you meet us in G-Boro or we might ride with CJ Love we still dont know yet.
    i have no **** clue? any ideas? i have a physics/finance dual major. I looked into law school..but it looks like only the very best students get high pay..and the work is very strenuous..if i was going to give up my life that much i might as well become a doctor.

    engineer...investment banking is a very timeconsuming/lucrative career that is impossible to get into..

    i guess most finance people become analysts or low level management?

    what else can i do? i was thinking about applying to grad school, but i'm unsure what i want to do...even ideas to research and think about would be appreciated...i'll call you when i'm in the burg
    i will only be in the burg till sept 15th
    i've graduated..i just have something to attend in richmond then, so i will stay at my brother's apartment till then.
    hey kp. im sure ur excited about returning to school... -_-"

    anywayz, i want my punching bag back ;) jkjk

    when will u be back in teh burg?
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