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  • ..yes they can be cooler but if in some near city are snowing but basic is a warn in the day in the night and morning is a lil cooler
    ..and well in the cooler cities they become beutifull in the spring because the cooler is good for most of the plants and flowers but they need a warn too
    ...well i visit tucson arizona but some friends like more phoenix arizona for the lake and the beautifull land and blossoms
    ...well just in sometimes in the anothers are cooler and well they are a houses with a plants but is not like that places of the south
    ...a well in this part that i live is ugly but more down are so beutifull the plants and trees and the wild animals
    ..a well i eat a jamon with juice if naranja with potatoes and stay with my family
    Thanks 'bout the sig, it was made by IDK over at the Artwork Emporium.

    I luv it too :)

    Apparently we gonna have the same mains... I'm currently training DK (and/or Wolf) as a secondary ^^
    I won't be on tomorrow, so just thought I'd wish you a Merry Christmas, and you also win 2008's award for most funny Falco board contributor.
    yeah but I had finals this week+last week I had problems uploading them. I have them ready and they should be up by tomorrow afternoon
    Well, you have to not be too aggressive about the idea. Play some items on FFA matches with them, but try to get them to play a couple of 1v1's on neutral stages, and talk about the idea of strategies and in depth thought behind a match. A couple of people who have become interested in competitive play simply didn't know that Smash could be played that way. By slowly introducing it, you'll hook the ones that are suited to it, and weed out the ones that aren't.
    Well, my efforts have definitely had a polarizing effect. Some people have graduated up from scrubhoob and are starting to become pretty good players, while others degenerate farther into item play saying things like "Just play the game, don't analyze it so much", you know? If you're trying to create good players, get ready for some backlash.
    I think I deserve it for almost single-handedly holding the Denton smash scene together. Even with Dallas so close, I have to try to hold the city back from the madness that is FFA with items on...
    Lol, I was at a tourney with Sudai and he said the Back Room is pretty boring. It would be nice to be able to say you were a BRoomer, though.
    What'd you have to do to get into the Debate hall, anyway? I wanted to go post some stuff in there but it's closed off unless they let you in, and I can't figure out any way to apply...
    He lives in Texas near me during the school year, but goes back home close to where you live during the break, I think.

    He said he had messaged you, I thought you guys had talked...
    Hmm... I have no idea! I haven't done much at all with the social groups, so I don't know...

    I hear you live near Khaoz, have you guys played each other yet? He's garbage, have fun destroying him :)
    oh thanks a lot yo, I really appreciate that! I think my contributions are fairly minor compared to some of the greats I see in the Lab like scotu and leviathan, so I didn't apply ('tho I don't think there's even an application process yet? lol?).... but also my views about the transparency of the Lab aren't earning me any points either :laugh:
    It's no problem, mangz. At first when PW FIRST released it, I didn't understand it either (even WHEN he had an example along with it). But, when he actually explained it to me and told me it was supposed to be calculated in hex that's when it made sense. Luckily, I was smart enough not to try the code without knowing what to do so, I never really messed up my My Music stuff. But, I did stray away from keeping the settings due to the fact that I go onto WiFi pretty often so... it was the risk of freezing to keep it versus no risk.

    Also, previous replays of the song you had originally will also no longer work and any replays you send to people WITH the song they don't have on that My Music page for their stage will freeze for them anyhow. Nothing can be done about that though because it makes sense. :p

    Just some other warnings for yas incase you were all "O_O WHYS ARNT MAH OLDER RPLYS WRKNG!"
    It's easier if I just say it again lol.

    XXXX is the stage offset minus the song number (the song you want to get rid of) * 8 in hex. So, get out your calculator and change it to hexadecimal to calculate it. For example, Final Destination replacing the FIRST song on FD the equation would go like this: (028 - 1) * 8 and you would get out a number in hex, that's your XXXX value.

    Your YYYY value is the song you want to put in place of the song you JUST calculated. So, get out your song values list and choose from one of the various songs listed and plug it into YYYY.

    Be warned, the stage with whatever song you put there isn't very viable online as it will cause a freeze if the other person does not have the same song on the same stage for their My Music page. Even when they get the song you don't have on there, it is the same thing.
    I'm pretty sure I'm explaining it correctly. XXXX is used for the math and YYYY is the song value.
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