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  • ....a sorry , kid this is for a some friends and only for fans of earthbound ok
    Eh, I placed 17th, but I'm actually kinda happy considering the competition. I wasn't expecting to win by any means, but another round or two would have been nice.

    There were a lot of good players, though. Infinity, Dojo, UltimateRAZER, ICE, Jerm, Xyro, Zori, RocketTrainer, Kown, Bwett and Furbs were all there. There were a couple others I'm forgetting, most likely. Sure, Sethlon and Santi were missing, but those are still some good players to have to deal with.
    Haha, sorry I didn't respond for a long time. I've been either driving to, playing in, or driving from HOBO since Friday afternoon.

    There's not really a huge secret to Snake, really, he just takes a bit more practice than most. You need to learn the spacing on his moves, because it's more than most people think. Once you've got the timing on his explosives down, that's half the battle.

    If you head over to the Snake boards, there's an all inclusive sticky, you should check it out.

    Haha, I went straight Snake no matter what at HOBO this weekend, it actually worked out okay. Maybe a bit of Falco wouldn't have gone wrong.
    Haha, I know what you mean. I find my timing gets better during actual matches. I guess the focus and adrenaline helps or something...
    I applied for the debate hall but didn't get in. I'm kinda glad too, I prolly woulda got kicked out for defending you.
    well thanks, but science is gonna help me on this. science and common sence.

    the Bible is just too good and i wish people would just believe in it. its not that hard to believe

    in God and the Bible. but pretty soon peoples eyes will open
    well we just have to help open there minds a bit, ive been listening to something that is really gonna help with this
    yea thats what i think, micro evolution is proven and true.

    but there is no way macro evolution could have ever occured.

    it cannot be proven, and could not have existed for the reasons i stated
    you find your wii# by going to the main menu of the wii and clicking the lower left button. then click the second button on the bottom left and that should bring up the address book and should show you your own wii#

    and you can only send 4 videos a day
    sending them to me would be easier.

    I just realized that I don't have your wii #
    I didn't even notice that was Ike's hair lol.

    I guess you could tattoo the Fire Emblem pic onto his belly lol.
    I can't find good pics of Ike... -_-

    Besides that, this avatar looks too good with Sonic's body and Ike's bandana/hair photoshopped onto it. The only thing it's missing a sword in Sonic's hand.
    I wouldn't say main him, I share him with Ike. I just can't decide which I like better.
    No it wasn't Wi-Fi, it's just a stupid animation glitch that makes it "seem" like you could angle it, but on the contrary that only happens when you sweetspotted the ledge at the perfect angle where you were low enough to touch it and grab on but not low enough to miss it and plummet to your death.

    I was sad, I though if that could be manipulated it would make Falco's recovery a little less easier to gimp.
    Actually, come to think of it, I do remember you, you had a Yellow suit for Falco, and you were... okay, at the least.

    I even recorded the match for a while just because you did a funny little thing with the Phantasm that made it angled when you recovered with it.
    Please refresh my memory... I have a lot of things going through my head, but yeah... I don't remember anybody I play on Wi-Fi. :(
    Tyrone. There aren't many tourneys around here. You have to go to Peachtree City, which is near Fayetteville.
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