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Mister Eric
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  • i have a requestttt beep

    can you and hilt work on the uthrow pikmin rocket maneuver that i brought up on the rob forums?

    thanks beep
    Weird... right after I was watching a video of yours against Ally, I see a friend request and it's from you XD Thanks for the friend request :D
    if i do go i wont do doubles because i;'d sleep through them. I'll have to make up my mind if i want a sleepless day for singles or not
    I loved both of the ZSS clips, and we are keeping them, if you want those two added, then alright.

    It will prob be around 2 Minutes and 10 Seconds.

    That's good, especially if we don't get much more footage by the 10th.
    Yeah I know, true.

    well I looked through them and I narrowed it down to 1 Minute and 52 Seconds. ^_^

    Video 1

    0:01-0:08 8 sec
    0:09-0:13 4 sec
    0:14-0:19 5 sec
    0:20-0:26 6 sec
    0:30-0:36 6 sec
    0:38-0:42 4 sec
    1:27-1:34 7 sec
    1:42-1:50 8 sec
    2:18-2:26 8 sec

    Video 2

    1:24-1:31 7 sec
    1:33-1:39 6 sec
    1:43-1:51 8 sec
    2:11-2:19 8 sec
    2:20-2:26 6 sec
    2:39-2:49 10 sec
    3:00-3:11 11 sec

    1 Minute and 52 Seconds.

    That worked out perfectly. I got all of the reverses, cool gimps and skill in all of them. Alot of the replays were too long to put on, whether you were ****** face in them, or something cool happened in them. I either put on the cool part, or didn't put it at all. NICE SHNIT BUDZ!!! =DDD
    I am going to be examining your videos for the next 30-45 minutes, picking out which footage will be going in or not, I am trying to make it just over 2 minutes.

    That's going to be hard, lol.
    You play almost identical to my R.O.B except I don't use the Up B as a reversing stratrgy I use my Down B, and you don't D tilt as much as I do.
    My life got very busy, what has happened on the boards during the time I was out?
    really ? ugh!!!!! i thought we had a date that didnt conflict with others.... yes it is...... this sucks
    hey the greenup crew is having a tournment on the 20th hope to see u at it il send u details when i get it all together
    Hey ^_^ i remember you xD It took me a second but then I remembered Legion and I called you sweetie xD lol
    Are you the rob player that has like, a beard and the little rob figure that he carries around in a gym bag?
    I think that if the ROB knows the matchup and camps really really hard, it can be very difficult for DK. I'll say 55:45 in ROB's favor. DK definitely has to approach from the air to avoid all those projectiles and bc his shield sucks lol. I think ROB wins when it comes to melee combat head to head bc his jabs/tilts and grabs are so fast, yet DK tanks and ROB has a really hard time killing him. I practiced that matchup every single day for like 3 months to get it down. It's one of DK's hardest imo. I'd definitely be willing to play you more sometime so you can get it down =)
    thanks man...u should definitely try it out dude...acting is fun!....right now my manager is in the process of getting one of the top agents to get me more auditions....so far Ive done a few short films and auditioned for a Cartoon Network movie....its just begun...come out to LA and try it out, u never know
    Hey wats up man...sorry i took so long to respond...havnt been on here on for a while....i moved to LA to pursue and an acting career. And i was training to get better at Brawl then recently my game troubleshot and my Wii wont read it for some reason so I havnt been able to play it....what have u been up 2?
    Did you see my Video Thread? Post some of your good videos from January 2010 on there. :)
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