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Mister Eric
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  • Ookiieess.

    What's the process that you have to follow to be able to watch my Replay??? Because when I take the Replay off of our SD card I just put it onto the DeskTop and send it Via Email, I was never able to watch them (I would just assume that they worked, because I have had to send more the same way to some guy named Silhouette, for a Community R.O.B Highlight Video, and he never made it...... 6 months ago.... T_T)

    Also Do you have a working SD card reader, or is it just being silly and not working? =3
    Haha, take a nap?

    Wait you live on the East Coast right? (We in the same Time Zone?)

    Also yeah if you want, post that video in the R.O.B forums, and/or on YouTube.com ^_^

    Just consider it an elaboration of your AT for now. =3
    Also in that video at 0:34 you do it immediately after the FootStool but he must have seen it coming because he DI'd it perfectly, everytime I get it off of my brothers, people in friendlies, and people in tourneys that never happens, only because the Gyro sets it up so that you are too close to them to have them get away, it may not seem like it but the Gyro is why the Spike always connects.

    Another thing, like that example you showed me it may mess up in the air, but the way I do it on the ground always works. That is what I was talking about, I just recommend it in the air if you can get it because it puts them in a worse position, and deals more damage, same on the ground.
    Yeah I knew that you were doing a Dair in your AT video, but you do the AT as you are falling straight down, kinda at an angle, but you know what I mean. Also the D-Throw to Bair is obviously guaranteed but you just didn't time it right is all. I am just bringing up the AT as an alternative. What's your email, I just recorded the video that I want to send to you. ^_^

    I approach with the way I do it. I make it a mind game when I do it, because I approach with a mid jump and then D-Throw -> FootStool -> Dair.

    Basically in the replay I do my little combo that I made up with it. The entire combo as a whole, is nearly impossible to get all the time, but the D-Throw -> FootStool -> Dair is always guaranteed if you do it right. =3
    Okay, I understand everything now. You didn't confuse me at all. I just needed to know the analog movements is all. ^_^

    Hey also another thing. You know this video you put up a lllooonnnggg time ago???

    Well I actually perfected this, and have done it against multiple people and it works. I saw that at 7:21 in your set against Sneaky Taco you could have done it, airborne. Instead you did a Bair. Not criticizing, of course, but it is a very good option, it always puts your opponent in a worse situation.


    But instead of just leaving it with a FootStool always instantly Spike after it. After practicing it for hours, I found that the best option you can do with it is Spike immediately after the FootStool, it takes some time to get used to the button inputs but it always works if you know how to set it up. ^_^

    I mainly just elaborated on an AT that you made up.

    I will record a match of me doing some stuff relating to it. And send it to you via Email, what is your email again? I will just get it off of my SD card and send it to you later. Just so you know who is sending it my email is:


    Again thanks so much. I like discussing R.O.B. =P
    Alright well now I understand how you were doing the Up+B grounded without Tap-Jump, you just simply replaced jump with another button. That answers on of my Questions. And I am reading up on the other explanation. BTW thanks so much, you are by far the most technical R.O.B I know so when I have a problem I come to you. =3

    Alright give me another minute. =P
    At 7:47, and 7:50. There are of course other examples, but that is what I mean. How do you do that.

    And about the reverse direction/facing Up+B on the ground, 9:51, is an example.

    Those are the two things I want to know. ^_^
    Yeah I know. I understand how it works and it is the jump that gives the boost effect to the Up+B. But I learned it with Tap-Jump and I know I could adjust but I feel I don't need to.

    What I really want to know is how to do that Up+B where you will be facing a direction and then you go in the opposite direction and boost in that direction.... Wait let me get a Video.
    Well it's that I have tried to do the reverse up+b before with tapjump off but it never worked, and I learned how to do it with tap jump randomly one day when I was screwing around. I can definitely adjust but I wanted to know if you could do it with tapjump off yet still put in the same exact button commands.

    Sorry about that.
    No no, it's alright.

    Yeah I see how you did it. But I wouldn't be able to adjust to putting another button as Jump. I only use tap jump for when I Up+B reverse. Sorry for wasting your time budz. XD

    Another thing, I know this video is old, but I saved it because I really like the Up+B reverse and gimp I pulled on him at the ending. Do you have any very recent videos of yourself or any recent tricks you have uploaded, and anywhere I can see them? I need to start changing up my game, I am too impatient of a player and need to comprehend what's happening rather than just gryo reversing every two seconds.
    Hey I was reading the Q & A thread in the R.O.B forums, how do you up-b reverse or just plainly up-b from the ground without tap-jump???

    I tried it once and it didn't work. I have been up-b reversing and such since the day I knew R.O.B could up-b. XD
    Yeah you're right. It's whatever.

    I respect you the most out of every R.O.B player though because you play the most like myself. You may not make it as far or do as well as Chibo but I respect you more as a player.

    Because he plays more of the traditional R.O.B and you and I are like the only two R.O.B's that I have seen do alot of technical crap. WORD.

    Also yeah it would be awesome if you lived down here two amazing R.O.B mains in on State that's ****! XD

    And yeah I live in SFL, the better portion. I have Seibrik, ESAM, NickRiddle, MVD, Xaltis. Yeah. It's kewl.

    Oh BTW I am going to a tourney this Saturday. MMMMHHHMMM!!!!!
    Do you think you could explain that super boost thing you were showing me at Pound to the best of your knowledge?

    I think I found something related to it in the lab, but I'm not sure if it's the same.
    I very possibly should know his number, but i'm not very good at remembering phone numbers. T_T If you have anyone else's number you could probably get ahold of him that way, or I guess you could send him something on Facebook or something, & the next time I see him i'll tell him about it just to make sure.
    Well I posted a ROB huggles video in the critique thread, & I was just checking to see what was going on with that. ^_^ Also about Pound, I don't really know you maywant to check with Blindman, because he's the only one I know who has actually talked about it out of us.
    No problemo!

    I still get priority for finals sets if we go to the same tournies though. ;D
    Awwww everyone has to wait till Monday when I get my Video Transfer in the mail lol. Yeah if you could take 'em down I'd appreciate it. I promise mine will look good, sound better, and present the matches in a much more exciting "atmosphere". That was a great set, and one of the rare times I went 0-2 in a bracket, and I wasn't even mad because I simply got outplayed. Good stuff for sure, that ROB is a beast.

    But yeah, Shugo, Scribbs, Infern, and a bunch of people have some matches on here. They're all waiting and we should too. At least let me do our set some justice with some pizazz instead of having it look like regular old Brawl. It's the whole reason why I actually went out of my comfort zone and brought my Wii to a tournament in the first place. xD
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