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  • GG's and ty :p Sorry I had to leave, had to get some revision done...I've been so bad at responding to private messages and visitor messages recently :S

    Good god fighting Peach as Sonic is such a *****. He's got no OoS options and even if I do get a hit in, you smack me back straight away and proceed to **** ;__;

    Also wowzas at Peach's Uair, I was trying to use MK's Dair against you and it failed miserably xD Their Fair's are so similar in range too
    But as long as she's fun that's all that matters, right? ;)

    At least she's not completely worthless. She has 6A K, K and 2K for her close-up game, decent throws and OK mix-ups. She's still better than Ganondorf. :bee:
    Aww no that sucks :( I was hoping to have a few Peach vs Zelda matches and some more Peach dittos as well

    GG's, your Peach is very good! :) Any tips you could give me? Always trying to improve ;D I'm a lot more patient offline, I know I got a bit desperate going for the kill every now and then

    I must say you use Ground Floating aerials like a pro! I wish I could do them that easily :/ Although you might not want to do it when I'm in shield grab range :p
    Seung Mina is seen as the worst? (I refuse to spell it as Seong Mi-Na...)

    Normally people are too busy complaining about how awful Rock, Talim and Jolly Stance Tira are. Why is she considered bad, since it's obviously not a range problem...
    Unless you play at a tourney level (do you?), I wouldn't have thought tiers mattered much. Plus the game seems reasonably balanced anyway...
    That would be great now that I've gotten used to it a bit.

    I only have two exams left anyway, and after tomorrow's exam, the last one isn't for another five days, so I'm sure I could play you during that intermission...

    What characters do you use? My mains are Cassandra and Sophitia, but with Xianghua, Tira and Amy thrown in for good measure. And surprisingly enough it's made me BETTER at Tekken, rather than worse as expected.
    Uh. Work on turnip uses more and don't always rush in with attacks. You your other moves to kill your kill moves fresh. Thats about all I can think of for right now.
    Hey you're that Peach player I met at ZEST. You can text me on MSN (teh_1@live.at) if you wanna play some wifi.

    K laat mijn hele computer (+smashboards) openstaan als ik weg ben <3 en als ik post in dezelfde thread als jij dan search ik je post history waarsch :3
    Please don't worry about it at all :p There's no rush whatsoever, I re did the MK match up write up and no gave a **** so I've kind of given up until people start showing actual interest again. Just write them up when you can be bothered :p

    Hows tourneys and stuff going? I still haven't managed to get to any kind of offline competition fests :/ I've got some friends offline now though who are gradually getting better at the game but I can still 3 stock them if I play to win so they still need to improve lol. Its a shame that my best competition is online in the world of lag and my competition offline completly pales in comparison to the online competition :p
    Thanks! ^_^ I have this feeling that I'm going to be a break out star this year with my Peach. :) Let's curb stomp the world and show them who's boss!
    I don't get why everybosy thinks its so hard lol. I don't have internet connection with my wii so that could be a problem.

    What part do you not get?
    Were some fun matches.

    You already played some tournies over here in The Netherlands? Yes I am dutch to by the way. I really never visited any. Don't know which character to pick :p. Although Bowser and Wario were always my favorites.
    Yeah sure. I be online in a sec. I might be rusty here and there though as I just recently started playing again :).
    I'll put up a video of what I have done so far later tonight for your viewing pleasure.
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