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  • I want to as well but I don't have Wii Internet access at Uni :(
    I need to get a wired adapter...I'm working on it :p

    So yea, for now, no online Brawling :( Sorry!
    yeah I know.
    I tried to learn it this summer, but I was like...to busy with party, working and smashing :D
    You up for some brawls?

    Maybe we must add eachother on msn for easier contacting. Don't know if you want to?
    Lol yeah now you mention it. But you said yourself to, you are already more aggressive :p. In the end we must just all do what makes fun for us. If we play to win we sure main all MK.
    Oh I thought you were leaving so I left myself. I watched tv very soon after anyway.

    Don't feel all too bad though. I also play Rick his Peach often which also means I know Peach already in and out by now. He plays more defensively though. Rick could also be just better but I think Peach works better as defensive character anyway like how most of Brawl is played.

    Then again Rick doesnt have a good result against my Dedede for example ^^. At least you beat my Bowser. I really can't win at all anymore with Bowser.

    GGs and again we all get better by losing to and you go to tournies right? That means plenty of experience to while I have never been to any at all. I live in The Netherlands to btw. Yet we still speak english :p.
    Well I got both AIM and MSN. Anyways, you in for some mindless random character bash? If you are still online. I need to taste more agressive peaches ^^.
    Hey Yaaay do you have by any chance AIM? Might be a little easier to set up games then :). Rick has it to, although he is lazy at times and forgets to get on.

    Oh was really fun the FFA we had, to bad I often died first. Another batch of characters passed the fun :). Rick was a ******* with the cape glitch :p.
    Well...regardless, either wag your finger to the correct person or not at all. xD


    /not really lol
    How was it unnecessary? I felt it was. It's alright if you don't agree with me on it, I didn't expect you to.

    Also, whoever that person is, they're the one who initiated anything that could possibly be considered as drama in that thread (which I believe is not the case, only sheer disagreement which can occur in many forms within a matchup discussion). If you're going to put anyone on blast: speak to the source. I've reiterated this numerous times, but the Peach boards "speak in general" too much. It gets nothing done.

    $5 says it was Dark.
    Can't see if you had discon or just left as your game remained open for a while bugged.

    Well fun playing you again. You are certainly more aggressive than Rick. Some nice suicides btw against Dedede and with Fox ^^. Once with Falco against Rick I did that twice in a row accidently :p. Long live Wifi.

    edit: I play almost anyone. Was about to go to Fire Emblem next. Some characters I never play anymore are Ice Climbers, Ganon and Zelda. Latter two I see no hope of winning even though on Wifi they probably perform better certainly Zelda. Ice Climbers I hate with a passions their playstyle.

    Oh well there is always another day. Your Peach certainly overwhelmed me at start. I just got to camp you out if I want to win which I always do vs Rick to. But it can get boring quickly and don't know if you would mind as more have raged before :(.

    All in all nice Peach and I can see why you placed well at your latest tourny.
    Hey Yaaay, you still play WiFi? If so, wondered if we can get some matches again. Also funny to see the differences between you and Rick :).

    Warning, I tend to use sometimes many characters so I always ask beforehand if people mind that ^^.
    lol wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Well I don't main Kilik I just like when he says that haha.

    And I main Xianghua on SC2 :3
    Ik weet niet meer hoe je het veranderd. xD
    Hahaha, is toch de truth..

    Behalve jij, jij bent niet annoying.
    You're right about the punches/kicks buttons. ~d means you have to press down straight after doing df+3,2. This causes Anna to sidestep, at which point you press 3 to do SS+3 for B! (bound). Then you do double forward and the kick buttons to end it.

    For Asuka a simple staple juggle is: df+2, 2,1, 2,1,1+2 B! dash forward db+4,3

    For Xiaoyu: uf+3, df+2, f+3,2, RDS 2, RDS 2,2 B! RDS 1,3

    (RDS stands for Rain Dance stance, which is basically when she has her back to her opponent)
    TBF, you wrecked me the first time I fought you in SC4 as well...

    The official term for what you're talking about is "bound". Anna's bound moves are db+1, d+2 and SS+3. To learn more about her I highly recommend visiting Tekken Zaibatsu; it's easily the best place for Tekken information.

    Here's Anna's staple: df+2, df+1, df+3,2~d, SS+3 B! df+1, ff+3,4,3
    Sorry the matches didn't last longer. There's some stuff I have to do.

    Your Setsuka is good though. I can never get those JFs down.
    GG's, I'm still envious of your Peach's ground Floating game...I just can't seem to make mine work :(

    Port Town Aero Dive is my new favourite CP stage :p I'm going to be messing around with it more cause I actually really like it
    And lmao, my B Stick was utter fail...I kept trying to do C Stick stuff and concentrated too hard on trying to get free pulled Turnips
    Tbh, free pulling didn't really help me much. I either got hit or you just simply shielded/rolled/moved away from me. My spacing went to pot as did my Glide Tossing withtou the C Stick

    I'm going to keep trying the B Stick but so far I really dislike it a lot xD
    Sure why not :p Just got back from holiday so I might be a bit rusty xD
    Also, don't be surprised if I suddenly change to using B Stick...I've told myself I need to really give it another go :p
    I wasn't being a douche toward the Netherlands or any country, only to Xonar...

    Please don't portray me as a bad guy. :(
    Ah cool np :p GG's, I always find myself doing better when I've warmed up xD I'm still envious of your lolwtfbbq ground Floating game

    I was trying to play a very much punishment style of game cause getting inside you was extremely irritating :x Peach dittos are really not fun if you ask me :( But F Tilt and F Smash are **** lol

    Was going to bring out Sonic at some point but I probably would have got trashed xD
    Sure :D If I'm being honest, I actually was trying to join someone elses but I must have chosen yours and not realised cause I went to get some food xD But they said no too cause they quickly got 4 people D;

    I'll be online in a sec :p
    I'm trying to learn Hilde (I like the idea of someone excelling at long AND short range), but as you witnessed there's a looooooooooong way to go.

    With Mina I've decided that generally the MU is a lot easier if you get in close and pitbull. It (usually) works, though getting within range can be tough.
    If you're learning Setsuka, you should do a Peach costume for her as well. What with the umbrella and all, it would fit pretty well. :)

    How long did all that take? O_O

    I have one customisation for Sophi, Tira and Amy (not Xiang yet), and two for Cass. Regarding created characters, there's two girls ones of Sophi, Cass, a couple of ones my cousins created, then those 'hardcore masculine' characters that took about 3 minutes each. Your ones actually looked like a lot of thought went into them...
    Yeah GGs. Obviously you were going to be better, since you've had it longer, but at least I didn't get slaughtered.

    Also, how many Seung Mina customisations do you have? I swear there were at least six!
    Should've gone for Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. LOL JK it's fine as it is. :)

    Mine is MntT77. Er... are you free at the moment?
    Stupid post limit :x

    On the subject of tourneys - no I still haven't found one :/ Its difficult because there aren't really any on atm. Even if there were, I have exams going on so I have to concentrate on those...its hard though lol
    I am considering trying to go to one in my free time after exams...I'd very much like to try one out, I just need to pluck up the money/courage to actually go. I might see if I can take a friend or something for support if I do
    Pretty much, nearly everything he does, Peach can punish straight afterwards, paticularly at low percents. Peach's Dair stops everything he does and Fair/Bair beat out his aerials, even Bair which is his best move in the match up...which isn't saying much

    Poor Zelda, her recovery is so...blergh. Peach can just hover around and either go for the ledge or jump back onstage and smack Zelda off again. Or if you're lucky, bait her into Up + B'ing early and then smack her with an Up Smash. Peach outranges everything Zelda does and Turnips punish any whiffed or shielded Smashes Zelda throws out. I was very worried of Glide Tossing Turnips into you after shielded Fair/Bair out of fear of getting Lightning Kicked xD On retrospect, I should have just thrown the Turnip rather than Glide tossed it...speaking of Zelda's aerials, her Dair is so tiny, which makes her very vunerable to ground Floatings Nairs when she's trying to get back onstage
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