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  • Im really sorry man.

    I havent been able to get around to making you a sig. School has been rough and a lot of family stuff has been going on lately. Also spyware has made it difficult to use photoshop.

    But. Over Christmas break I will have plenty of time and promise to make you your sig. Again sorry.
    Sup? Of course Luth would haha but yeah I got no problem making you a sig I suppose. If I remember to log on here nowadays lol. I just need the basic info. Who, color, text, ani, etc.
    I don't main Sheik, but she's a really good secondary for me. I've mainly used her for money matches and friendlies.
    But yeah, I'm actually pretty good with Sheik.
    I'd recommend to watch a lot of vids on your main character, and copy things from them then practice those things in training mode, also lay off playing vs comps, they will affect your playstyle completely. in a bad way.
    Alright I'm down, if you don't have a certain time limit then I can change them all to their red outfits it just takes a bit longer than a regular sig, but I'll do it for yah. Haha yeah you'll love our smash scene, everyone is like really close to each other(as in close friends) and we are all really good.
    Heyy I'm always down for making you a sig (I made alot of the utah smasher's sigs and I just do it for a hobby)
    Cool I will get started.

    And one more thing. Would you rather have the Brawl or Melee versions of the characters, just in case you like certain versions more. ^^
    Are you still looking for a signature? I made my own sig and could use some more practice. So if you want one go ahead and tell me what youre looking for. :)
    hi there marsu. dont mean to be random but would yu care to play me sometimes? its late and i cant sleep lol. Im Kyou on Gfaqs btw.
    Hey, I've been looking for an image of a red shiek. I can't find one anywhere... Would you want to find one and send me the link?
    You still lookng for a sig? I'm bored and feel like messing around with photoshop lol.
    nah man....if you want to talk about something I really don't have any means of instant messaging.
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