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A6M Zero
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  • Hey, I came across your post in the BC thread. In case you're not aware, the BC thread is almost exclusively Melee discussion. Any information about Brawl smashfests or anything else will be found in the tournament thread under tournament listings. I personally might not be able to play for a while because of exams, but hopefully there will be somebody who wants to play sometime soon!
    He didn't really say anything. All he said was that the deadlines are there for a reason, or something like that....
    haha no kidding right. This tourney failed my expectations. I could care less about giving a prize at this point, but I said I would.....
    I guess I'll talk to him
    I really have no idea. Barge is being super strict with the deadline right now, so I decided to not even help anymore. You should talk to Barge, but I doubt he'll do anything about it...
    Hello, we play next in tourney.
    let me know when you ready=)
    I will be on in an hour or two.
    GG's in victoria but next time your going down!!! hit me up if u wanna play some games im gunna work on finding a good counterpick for your fox hehe TL just cant be aggressive enough against that fox
    hey you wanna play online sometime? although i can't play atm i haven't fought many good fox's in brawl and want to change that. If you would just click on my profile you would see that i'm not a scrub ^^
    anyways my fc-5026-4392-5973
    and congrats on the back room
    hey there, where on the island you from? im up for friendlies but online brawl is so lame >< im usually on SBR chat doing friendlies if u wanna hit me up there.
    I've been using fox since the good ol' 64 days. Any place I can watch videos of you using Fox?
    hahaha, right on. I just got back from a Smash Tourney in Victoria, took home $100 for first in singles AND doubles :p
    Yo, where have you been? DK and Fox boards are having a little online throwdown, and we're all waiting eagerly to see your godly online Fox in action.

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