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  • no, ill just send you an invite, you should know what to do from there.
    I have a Y splitter for each color on the RCA cords, one side goes to the Wii, 2nd goes to the TV, and 3rd to the camera, which the camera one is RCA to mini-jack. Apart from the cords from the Wii and camera, it cost me $2 for each Y piece, $2 for each female to female RCA for the extension to get to the TV, and I'm about to buy a better extension RCA cable, so that'll be another $6-8.
    $20 total for extra cables.
    3 Y splitters
    3 F to F RCA pieces
    1 RCA extension cord
    yes! yes im coming! but make sure to ask the homo FTS if you can bring it and let us play! that would be fun!!
    make up your mind about testing yet? (because you do good work, I'd really appreciate some more of your help!)
    Dude, do you have wi-fi? We gotta try brawling again man, it was laggy as **** last time we played.
    any time you have the chance! there is a ddr machine in orem and its supernova 2 (all ddr songs)

    and how much money? spudz, you dont know what you getting yourself into!
    haha spuds! and yeah I saw them already, pretty cool. Won't make yoshi go up higher in tiers but its definitely interesting:]
    lool, another ToS fan i guess, it hurts that I live in London knowing the rest of the world has ToS2 already :(
    Awesome! I'm looking for a sig with Sheik on one side, Fox on the other with the words "Fear the Usmash" in between them. Background and colors don't really matter, just anything that looks nice.
    Im 16. Its strange becaue I sometimes get home at like 1:00 A.M. and they didnt even know I was gone. They are seriously inconsistent with their parenting...
    Your parents don't like you going to someone's house? how old are you? I sometimes have the same problem.
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