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Ken Neth
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  • Hey dude! I heard that you're going to BYU; I'm there as well. I wanted to see if you wanted to get together for some melee/brawl sometime! I just moved here so I have no idea if you're still an active player or not, but just let me know!
    Hey, this is Tori (Karl) from the Neumont Tournament last night. It was fun playing you, and I hope I'll be able to play you again in the future.
    hey heard and seen alot of you, hopefully we might meet at a tournament sometime, that is if i can find any aside from EVO 2014
    Ken Neth
    Ken Neth
    Hey, just saw your message. Just curious, how/what have you heard and seen of me? Anyways, yeah it would be cool if we end up at the same tourney one of these days.
    ohh i mean ive seen two or three of your melee videos, and ive heard alot about you being one of the guys everyone wants to play, but tbh i dont think ill be in any tournaments until next year no one's going to fund a noob AND a rookie xD
    Hey can you email me You, Yaz's, Taylor's, and Jesse's addresses at everett.lenberg@myldsmail.net

    I want to write you guys.
    You silly silly man, I still love you I even watch you every night (dont ever close your window DON'T YOU DARE!). I just fill my time with work, projects, school, and LoL, don't really care much for smash right now (still love you and some others though...even though you said you would not be playing smash when you got back =P, well with a big lie like that im sure I will see you in Hell =P.) Anyway, just doesn't seem like as fun of a community right now, or the kind of game i'm looking for. I have thought about stopping by and seeing you guys but with no regular smash days and me working every weekend its a bit harder to find the time. But ya, bug me when ever i don't tend to check any of the threads much but I still log onto here from time to time, or my email and you still have my phone # so go ahead or what ever....see I still love you, kinda.
    Na, I don't play anymore, sometimes I play a very out dated version of B+ but that is rare. I do play lol alot and will be entering the utah tourny come January, and most the people are just ****s and trolls, really not worth my time. I just checked it to say hi to yous you cutey cutey.
    Hard question.

    But applying to join during the application periods would have been a good start.
    That's really cool.
    I might pop in when I go to BYU after my mission just to see how it's been going, then pop out lol.
    I always wondered, do they hold tourneys on Sunday at BYU? If so, I might go there and stick a little more in the Brawl scene when I return from mah mission, although for a very brief amount of time (can't be playing this game for forever, haha).
    NO offense to you on the you suck without warm up. Because in CO, you really did. :/

    But on the brightside are you going to Gkirbs tonight?
    Meh I'm pretty much the only mormon who actively plays the game competitively.
    I got Eric into it but he kinda got busy over the summer.
    I'm gonna find out my mission soon, but I haven't sent anything quite yet (should soon though).
    Ya Everett sent me the info, I've just gotta find the replays and junk.

    Winner's, Loser's, and Grands is 11 matches total, due to my match with X being corrupted (found out it's because we turned off the wii by turning off the car, and not doing it manually >.>)

    I'll be sending them by tonight :D
    I'd actually be down to send you Winner's, Loser's, and GF's as well, if you'd have the time to look through them and upload.

    Unfortunately, it looks like my match with X where we were on RC was corrupted and we can't really get it to play properly... :( So we've got 11 matches for all the finals, plus 1 that MAY work. I'll have to copy my text file over so you can use that to view the replays, but ya. I've already gotta look at a bunch more for this NM combo vid stuff too D: not to mention one of the *******s from our scene still has my recording equipment >.>

    I'm having a hell of a time vs Marth's. Can I have some advice? I know the basics...

    Never jab-> F-tilt just F-tilt (or you'll eat an Up-B)

    Don't try to grab off of F-airs or you'll eat a tipped F-smash

    Dash attack works wonders

    Grenades grenades grenades

    Try to read his dancing blade mixups

    You're screwed on the ledge.

    I still seem to get eaten by Marth's though.. halp!
    I am done with school tomorrow morning at 10 if you wanna do anything.
    Heyyo. It was really really bugging me. Going to be honest. Now I know how Forward felt in NM. Zman went crazy with all the hate. :/ Make sure the next tourney is using a nice hacked brawl set please. I don't like tripping into ftilt. Or having lots of random noise that freaks me out.

    About the title, just so you know. I have a lot of mental issues. Due to me experimenting with a lot of stuff. I get depressed, I cut, I attempt suicide, but I haven't died yet. I am still here. As long as I keep a smile on people seem to be happier. But, I will change it in a bit.
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