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  • I'm writing the OP as I write this.
    Only not as I do it since I don't have 2 keyboards and 4 hands.

    Yeah, it'll be up tonight, just you wait and see!
    Also it appears I missed your VM from like literally forever ago heh.

    Agreed about MGS2, anyway. I'd have liked Raiden to be less of a ladyboy wussbag, but generally I wasn't bothered by him as much as other people. As such it was very cool to fight alongside of Snake. It's cool because until the final fight where you're fighting multiple Metal Gears at once or some ****, Snake is the one who does all the really heavy lifting and you're very clearly the sidekick (go defuse the bombs while I fight some guys or whatever). I just like the dynamic of putting the spotlight on someone as protagonist that isn't the baddest dude on the block, and thus, characters like Raiden or Carolyn from PB.

    Speaking of PB, I can say one of the cool things about the movie now that you've seen it that I was withholding for spoiler's sake earlier. The Rid****/Johns dynamic is memorable to me because it starts out as this super clearly defined Old West **** (upstanding lawman & fugitive killer lunatic, got it) and then as the situation gets more extreme shows the opposite shades for both, until you see that Johns is an immoral nihilist when push comes to shove and Riddick has some lines that he not only won't cross but is offended by as a human being or whatever. It's just really weird in a good way that the dashing lawman who helps lead and mobilize the group at the start is the same guy who later tries to murder a child with some greater good justification that's really about saving his own ***.

    Plus I'm a sucker for anything that has the balls to kill off its protagonist.

    Anyway, yeah, for using and then subverting old west good and evil tropes and looking at people on a human level in a survival scenario (Fry is great for that as the protagonist since she waffles between selfish as hell and heroic), I like the movie a lot. As for the sequel, eh. I guess it's worth a watch if you happen to be drunk and/or have nothing better to do. It does have some good moments and you might like the clearly anime-inspired fantasy stuff that comes forth but it just brings in all this really pretentious mythology that is hard for me to swallow. With your extremely high anime tolerance, you might get more out of it. It did at least have some cool action scenes set design/cinematography.

    But the game is much better
    It was just a good cop bad cop joke. Since you took point on doling out the tough truth on you know who and all. Unless what you didn't get was why people would get the wrong idea, and the joke there was just about Nazi occupation of the Netherlands and Anne Frank and stuff.

    Steinberg was just the most jewish sounding name that came to mind
    Also, when it starts up again, I have ideas for methods on the MU chart. But I'm not going to give that much thought until it does start up again.
    Figured as much, just wanted to double check since it is... a big project, lol.
    Classes for this half of the summer end this coming up week. I assume you'd be okay if I finally start the video analysis project I wanted to start afterwards?

    My classes the second half of the summer are super light so I'll need something to keep me busy!
    Yeah, I just recently got settled down in California for my summer job so haven't had much time to do anything besides lurk for a while :x read your reply in the BBR though, and I'll probably post there before going to bed. The more I think about it, the better it is to just keep things simple :p
    How does one manage to get into the Brawl, Melee, and 64 backroom

    Yeah, I saw after the fact. I assume as long as we don't say how people voted, the methods we used can be pretty much discussed?

    Being the first time it's been done differently I think that people would be curious.
    Wait, I can't do math and thought clocks only went up to 10 lol... I'll be out for a bit (probably will be back at ~2 your time), check your PMs, and lmk if you'll still be up when I get Skype access again. I'll check SWF on my phone for PMs and stuff until then.
    wow zie net dat je admin bent. vet gefeliciteerd
    Can you permanently ban me, please?
    Quitting Brawl, don't need distractions.

    This isn't a joke or anything.
    Weird. I ask because I want to make mine match my post-bit lol. I'll tinker around with it.
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