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  • My first ending was Dio.

    I guess they're rebranding the franchise as Zero Escape now, and they did a reprint of 999 with Zero Escape, Vol. 1 on it. I don't think they expected the series to be so popular.
    Haha, I saw it, but then I realized that I couldn't reply because read-only was going on.

    It was great! Have you finished it yet?
    Two big ones in the next 8 hours and then Japanese. But I have a lot of napping to do xD tomorrow sometime, we'll work out Skype.
    If you need another panelist for the :metaknight: panel, I'd be more then willing to assist. I posted about my credentials in the Social thread for V3 stuff.
    I can't use Skype because W8 is a butt and will only let me use a Microsoft account to connect -__- but we can do MSN if you're still around?
    Hmm, neat. I guess I'll just take my time through it, and not worry so much about the end result, haha.

    Yeah, that's basically the main gripe of the Layton series. Nothing really changes, just more of the same. There's a different minigame this time, which is kind of like Nintendogs with a rabbit. They are also 3D models instead of 2D sprites, which just looks kind of strange at first, but you get used to it. Also, sets up the next game in the series as well. I dunno, I still really like the Layton games, but I found myself getting a bit bored with Miracle Mask, to be honest. It was still really good, but having played all of the other games, it felt a little predictable.
    Oh, that's pretty cool! I can't remember the last time I finished a Pokemon game, to be honest. Probably Ruby. I usually get bored before then. :B

    Sweet, that's awesome! 3D Land looks pretty awesome, I might pick it up when I have some spare cash money lying around. I think you'll really like the new Layton as well. So much better than the Last Specter.
    True, true. :p

    I also really like how it has a combination of gens in one game. It's pretty cool.
    I don't play competitively, so I'll take your word for it, haha. I do agree though, I'm having more fun with B2 than I have with Pokemon in ages.
    Oh, I just meant with the same permissions as the initial subforum. I'll send you a PM with a bunch of other thoughts/comments sometime tomorrow and then start working on the index thread.

    Also, yeah running this project is a chore lol. And we're not even at discussions yet :urg:
    Nice work :) Can you set up a subforum in there sometime, for panels to privately discuss which MUs they'd like to change?
    Sweet, thanks. I'll look into it after this nap when I need distractions from studying :p
    Skype sometime this weekend? I should be available most of the time, just want to get everything set up so when the time comes we can transition smoothly.

    EDIT: lol over half of your VMs on this page are from me about Skype >_>
    Skype sometime? No idea when because I'm busy as crap lol, but if you're around Thursday night or before (your time) lmk and we'll try to set something up.
    I recall you saying something about APEX 2013 a while back and was wondering if you meant you were coming, that's all :p
    Of course you would. You like it when Katy Perry has some good beats
    in her music
    On skype now so hmu if you have time, I might not have internet this weekend :x
    Aight, sounds good. I'll send a heads up if I'm out one of those nights or anything.
    In Turkey to see my family lol, currently on vacation with them in the south. Wifi is a bit of a hassle to get, but accessible enough.

    Tbh I don't even keep track of which day of the week it is here xD anytime in the next three days is preferable though, just shoot me a VM a few hours in advance and I should be able to get online.
    I'm finally in a decent time zone, just one hour ahead of Dutch time :p let me know when you're free to sort out project stuff via Skype?
    Congratulations: You are one year closer to "The Great Equalizer". >:3

    My way of saying "happy birthday".
    Hey, I'm back now but will be heading out for a haircut in 1.5 hours or so. I'll be back on skype after that, but it'll be like 5:30 so if you can't make it we can just talk tomorrow.
    Well I'm on a cruise from Seattle to Alaska and back at the moment, until the 24th of July. I was originally going to fly back on the 22nd, but have since decided that I'd probably like to stay in the states until maybe mid-august. At the very least I'll be more contactable once August starts, and if you want me to start working on something from then I'll do my best ;)
    Nah, only partially his fault. Girl things are the main thing tbh.

    Why do they have to be not straight forward xD

    Oh well.
    /goes back to work
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