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Recent content by Marc

  1. Marc

    Ruleset Changes V1.4 - UCF

    Can someone elaborate on why a community-produced hardware solution has apparently no legal issues whatsoever as opposed to a (minor) software modification? What about our image? It is far more noticeable to external partners that we are using an unofficial hardware add-on than running a mod...
  2. Marc

    Ruleset Changes V1.4 - UCF

    I would say so. Those events make up a very small percentage of the total, they are all in the same part of the world and in many cases come from grassroots origins. It also depends on how much a separate entity carries an event, I would still consider Syndicate mostly grassroots even though in...
  3. Marc

    Ruleset Changes V1.4 - UCF

    I am currently on holiday, but thought this important enough to chime in. When is the deadline for votes? It is already up to TO discretion to follow this ruleset or not. With the current proposal effectively no stance is taken on UCF. It (unintentionally?) adds legitimacy to any memory card...
  4. Marc

    Ruleset Changes V1.3

    I am inclined to vote in favour of all three, as I don't see anything wrong with these additions.
  5. Marc

    Ruleset Changes V1.2

    I believe we primarily have a timer out of necessity, to ensure sets end and have some degree of control over how long a tournament can possibly take. Having played Brawl extensively, I don’t consider winning by timeout as uncompetitive, but I do see it as a secondary win condition to getting...
  6. Marc

    Ruleset Changes V1.1

    Separate post for a separate issue: I think the colorblind clause indicates good sportsmanship, but is ill-defined otherwise. - It doesn't specify what steps players are reasonably expected to take to accommodate the colorblind person. - It doesn't specify the penalty for not indulging the...
  7. Marc

    Ruleset Changes V1.1

    For Syndicate we ended up including that coaching between sets of grand finals was allowed, as it seemed the most consistent to me if coaching between sets is allowed in general. Players are, or at least should be, allowed a break between tournament sets, including grand finals in case of a...
  8. Marc

    Simply Put, Why Isn't This Us?

    I was traveling with limited internet access, hence the late reply. The article centers around the idea of the "committee" putting in place a world championship. While I agree that it's hard to weigh individual events in our community due to a lack of central organization, this isn't a new idea...
  9. Marc

    Meta 4BR Tier List v2.0 - Discussion Thread

    Cloud is still a top tier character, but he has some inherent inconsistent factors and just isn't winning tournaments while various other characters are. M2K is indeed dropping out a lot, but also hasn't won anything major when he wasn't, Tweek has had several disappointing performances in a...
  10. Marc

    Meta 4BR Tier List v2.0 - Discussion Thread

    I ended up rebuilding my list from scratch due to the amount of time that passed, EVO etc. Still change my mind a lot, but I feel like I can more or less defend most of my placements.
  11. Marc

    Europe Syndicate 2016

    Syndicate is a Melee and Smash 4 collaboration between the TOs of the main Dutch tournament series, Avalon and GGWP, who have both left their mark with frequent events featuring players from all over the world. It will take place on September 10th and 11th in the country’s central hub for events...
  12. Marc

    Meta 4BR Tier List v2.0 - Discussion Thread

    EVO hasn't exactly made things easier. The current metagame still heavily favours the known consistent top threats (Sheik, Mario, Diddy etc.) and character champions (Kamemushi, Ranai etc.). I didn't see much of Sonic and I believe there was no Cloud main in top 16, which is crazy to me despite...
  13. Marc

    Which tournament is this about (Avalon or Syndicate)? It is best to use the contact form at the...

    Which tournament is this about (Avalon or Syndicate)? It is best to use the contact form at the associated website.
  14. Marc

    Melee Melee Avalon M-V - July 2nd, 2016 - The Netherlands, Europe

    Singles (103 entrants) 1: Amsah :sheikmelee::marthmelee: 2: Zgetto :foxmelee: 3: Jeapie :falconmelee: 4: Jim Morrison :foxmelee: 5: $tijn :foxmelee: 5: Avalancer :yoshimelee: 7: Baker :foxmelee: 7: BrTarolg :sheikmelee: 9: epikfaal :sheikmelee: 9: Rebaz :falconmelee: 9: PureEvil :foxmelee: 9...
  15. Marc

    Meta 4BR Tier List v2.0 - Discussion Thread

    I would think straight ordering is still the default, but for the record: my vote is ordered within tiers.
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