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  • Well, still. Sorry if I came out too strong. Ily regardless. :p

    Oh, get this. If I completely ace my report card this quarter, I'll get SC4! ^^
    Lol Dont take is offensely lee. All i was getting across was you good loking and come to NYC so we can meet(that was sorta a joke). Ya no other pizza can fluck with Brooklyn pizza.
    Um, Lee? The group I invited you to is kind of important, you know? I do not want to leave you out of it...
    Heh, actually I haven't played SC4 in awhile. Been too busy taking care of my son and working. I also let a friend borrow SC4 the other day so I might not be on for a bit. Also, I hope my comment didn't make you feel uncomfortable. My bad yo.

    I think I'll go start season 2 of Dexter now. :] Peace!
    my pic's in the same spot as yours o_O

    did you like all my falcon punching?

    oh and about the picture...I hope you know I was joking around :p you're a good-looking girl, but I really don't care. I know lots of good-looking girls in person @_@ it's just fun to say it because that's the stereotype, you'd expect male forumgoers to say stuff like that XD

    good ol' cliches

    p.s. there are no girls on the internet!!111one
    Tee hee. Be casual like Kawaii Bunny and me. We tried that and went insane from an endless abyss of AIMs. *dies*
    LOL Holy Nikes, I didn't realize it would get this kind of reaction >_<

    Thanks to those of you who were polite about it, I'm really nothing special, just another girl gamer geek ><
    Hey Lee,nice new profile pic,miss you too!

    And sorry,but I don't have a PS3 yet.:( I hope I can get one someday this year,so I can play with you on Burst Limit & SC4.Eso too.
    Oh come on, I don't think anyone has the intention of being disrespectful. I definitely didn't, I was merely complimenting her by saying "Hawt!" Anyway, I haven't gotten a chance to add you on PSN yet Leigh. Ninja Gaiden 2 has been kicking my ***, and it's been too fun. I'll set up the PS3 today after work and add you.

    Time to watch some Dexter. :X
    You could have known by posting a picture more than half of the community starts drooling over a picture instead of treating everyone with the same respect.
    ...Yea, it was definitely a bad idea on your part. XD. You should have kept the boring, UNREVEALING pic like I did. T¤T
    Yea. But maybe it was a bad idea putting it here, if you get what I mean. *cough* Anyway, cool beans. lol

    I'll add your PSN name when I get home after work. My friend is borrowing SC4 so we won't be able to play, unless you have CoD4. :p
    Hey Lee,had a nice Labor day weekend?:)
    I'm starting to miss having some matches/races with you.:(

    Oh & I've made Captain Falcon on SC4.It's not perfect yet since I have not unlocked all the equipments,but it will be.Love his finisher.:ness:
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