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  • Lol, Just a little too lazy to change it right now.

    Im going to Genesis in Nocali in june i think?

    anyway, how are you?
    Whoa! I remember that picture XD

    Lee you should come back and put up a new picture just to get a billion comments, and then disappear again like you always do :p
    I got bored so i decided to try and to get my Wii freinds list full. ADD MY WII CODE :p
    Noob. :p

    What is up with thee? Lawdy I'm bored.

    Edit - Did you get the Fire Brand sword from the final boss in Castle Crashers? I missed my chance when my friend and I beat him for the first time. :X
    Yeah,can't wait to dust off my PS2 & play it when's released.XDD
    I have BT3 on PS2 since I was used to the PS2 controllers for all the DBZ games & when it first came out I didn't have a Wii yet. It was also 10 buck cheaper then the Wii version.
    Maybe I'll get it as well,since I thought it was cool to be able to do special moves by moving your body like it was shown on the anime/mangas & it has Wi-Fi!

    Yay,more Karting & Brawls with you again! X^D Those paunch fests were awesome btw!
    I have not played Legends,but Budokai 3 is also my favorite.
    I have GT Final Bout,but it wasn't that great either.X(
    There is another Budokai like game coming in November for the PS2 that has other things to do then just fighting,like catching Bubble the monkey & reach the end of Snake Way under a time limit.
    It's called DBZ:Infinite World & supposedly have the best fighters of all five Budokai games.(including characters from Shin Budokai)BT is cool,but I like the the fast pace actions that comes from Budokai style games better.

    I might have to try a different way of holding the almost oversize controller then.It was fun!
    We'll have to get some more matches & try to get some Ki blast struggles sometimes. :) <3
    I used to play all 3 Budokai games on the PS2 & this game is just like it.Don't worry about the comment,nothing wrong there!:laugh:
    Yeah,Fun matches!You sure seem to have faster fingers then me during those melee & energy clashes on Burst Limit!XD Still it was an awesome games!:ness:

    Tien & everybody is powerfully awesome! : D
    I think Castle Crashers online is still messed up. We might have to wait until the patch which I hear is going to be pretty soon. :/
    I have seen you & Eso talking about it,I only have the Castle Crushers demo right now.I need to get some point cards X( Adding you now!:)

    EDIT:I know what you mean(the temptation to have all 3 consoles),I want a PS3 so badly.X(
    I'm free now. Just tried playing X in Brawl, but the button lag on my end was just frustrating. Either way my poor Snake got his *** kicked.
    Actually, my friend and I beat it last night. So I'll start from lvl 1 with the Skeleton I unlocked. :D
    I don't have Castle Crushers yet,but I do have a few other Xbox360 games.

    BlueWind85 is my GT.:)
    Yep, that's a cool name... I like protoman because he looks like my main, Blood Falcon (if you played the F-Zero games you'd know who he is) the red clone of Captain Falcon. Usually I get called Fakeman, anyway thanks Leigh.
    I was making a Falcon owns Ganon replay to prove that I <3 u.
    And I started liking him.

    So it's your fault! :lick:
    hey, Lee. I still can't believe you came here in Atlanta. I kind of wished I knew, but even if I did, I am too busy to meet you anyway, but meh. :laugh:
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