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  • I apologize that I suddenly got off of Fauxfinder in the middle of a convo. My connection got shot, so I was screwed over.

    Yes, we have fought before, once. The first time I fought you I didn't stand a chance, but I'm glad that I stand closer to you now.

    Also, who do you main? You seem to have a variety of skills across many characters.
    That was a marathon, do you even have a main? You seemed good with like every character.
    I know they were, but to me it doesn't matter. I'd rather just give it my all and try to win than make it entertaining regardless
    alright man ill add ya wen i get the chance! stay on smashboards though so i can reach you
    same with zonda below me... but if you want to play me you'll have to wait until later tonight :) give me a visitor message if you feel like playing
    Good games as always.. You know all is brawl has a chat thing that works as well as the friend finder did here.. Plus the players there are a lot better than here.
    I have to say, nice matches. You're very good, and I hope we can play again sometime.
    i withdraw my compliment on your zelda you were actually quite boring to fight with that dins spam and usmash train
    hey man ggs i was he peach you fought today sorry i couldn't play more i had to join my clans game you had some great mind games and not spammy at all for once i actually enjoyed fighting a zelda usuallyi facew dins and usmash spammers i'll make your list yet my friend i'll mkae your list yet lol
    haha forgot to tell you that my sheik has upgraded by 10 times since you last fought me. i can take any of your characters. your ganon is who i held back on lol
    Nice fights today, man. Hope to have some more soon. Maybe I can see that Link you were talking about next time. =)
    Played his Ganon again, much better than before, but still not match for Snake. Came close a few times to beating me.
    This guy is an alright player. I only played his Ganon, wasn't too hard to beat. I would have liked to play his other characters though.
    Lol nice matches, you are the best link that i've ever played, the best zelda i've ever played, best capt falcon i've ever played, and pretty much the best peach.
    Also those were the longest string of matches online I've played as well, it lasted like 5 hours

    You have an amazing edgeguard, and your spacing is pretty much perfect, even when the games had little to no lag it was tough punishing you if you made a mistake.
    Anyways I'll add you, so we can play again sometime, not for as long though lol
    Are you the guy "Jeff" whom I played just about now? Great Games if that's so! If not, just ignore this comment :p
    Hey, just wondering if there is a reason you don't want to play me, or if I just never catch you at a good time. Seems like my challenges are always declined, but I know friend finder has been wack lately. We played a few matches a while ago, some of the best I've had online (not much lag too), and I'd like to play again sometime.
    Hey I'm pretty sure it was you I was playing against the other night, and wanted to say sorry I came off looking like a jerk when I pulled the No Contest then left after the next match but my controller batteries died and then I ended up getting jerked away
    I want to have a go at you with my brothers and sister ( they're pretty good). Hope u will accept my challenge
    Good games, always happy to see a good player, im keeping you on my list, hopefully next time there wont be lag
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