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  • Ouais FiDeL :D

    And yes erera, i tryed to look up your profile but wasnt able to find it, we gotta play again soon, pretty fun to play with you :D
    Salut toi...moi je vais aller te battre directement chez vous paske tes pas bon et tu fait just spammer ak metaknight...loll...pas vrai...a bien tot pour nos matches épiques chez vous vieux... :)
    hey man, finally got my profile approved so now I'm able to message, make posts, etc. We gotta play again soon. ;)
    Its anytime you want Thatbest, remembre the last time its you that quited the brawl after losing a match. It makes me really angry when someone wuit after 2 or 3 match, losing or winning. Next time dont wuit if you lose a match ;) (and u did won 2 before it, i dont see how you could get frustrated when your at 2/1)
    hey david. looks like u got alot of **** going on with thabest. its all cool dude ur right dude needs to chill period. its just a game right? well would u like to brawl sometime dude, dont worry im no trash talker i play to have fun.
    yea u do spam metaknight
    u just do the same things over and over

    i use every move with every character
    i know how to play

    reported me?
    lol thas cute david

    see u online
    all i do is spam metaknight?!? Look at the way u play, u alway to the same attack with any character you use, i dont spam anything, and again learn to talk properly befor eu get banned kid
    roadtdawn ur juss mad cuz i beat ur ***
    so stop crying *****

    n david i whooped ur *** n all u do is spam meta knight
    Yeah tell me about it. I knew he was one of those smug illiterate people just by looking at his profile name. ThaBest is just childish. >_>
    hey before i challenge you go to chat k?

    and send me a message i got your freind code now.

    merci :p tu te debrouille assez bien aussi, avec un peu plus de pratique jai peur que tu me battre XD En passant, serait au courait si il y a des tournoi de smash au quebec? moi et un bon copain environ de mon niveau on veut vraiment allez a un tournoi :p le seul qu'on a fait cetai au cegep de ma ville, on a fini 1er et 2eme :D
    hahaha mais tu sais qu'on est plein de quebecois sur ce site.
    d'ailleurs Wak, le gars qui a fai les fameux AHTP (advanced how to play),
    c'est un quebecois.
    mais bon.
    no worries jvais pratiquer avec MK et jvais te dechirer bro,
    fau rinque que jmabitue au personnage et a brawl.
    mais sinon t vraiment bon avec pit.
    Your fun kid, telling to everyone they suck, i played 3 1v1 match with you, and i won all those 3 match, grow up kid and admit your not that good compared to true brawler like people on this site :)
    bro u suck....stop playin me i have been whoopin ur *** UR NOT GOOD AT BRAWL just quit now
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