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  • Man, It's been ages since I logged on here. Probably going to aim to be active once SSB4 comes out.
    Hey what's up, my name is DK2 it nice to meet you. I just wondering that do you want to play Brawl sometime.

    Friend code 1805-4015-6048
    It looks pretty cool,I'm too tired right now.But I'll have to take another look later on.
    Yeah it has been awhile,I'll take a look at the other site in a sec.
    The other site I'm on is Next Wonder Gaming which just got a new look earlier.
    we need to play again. my wii is fixed. besides i wanna get owned by your Luigi again. xD and i wanna own you with Falco
    It's ok.I have noticed that you were had a TONS of matches with other people.
    I'm on another site too,but not as often as I am here lol!
    What's the other site called?
    Hey Geo,what's going on?
    I tried to join your matches,but I'm being "Unable to join".:(
    We haven't had a match for a long while.
    k well it looks like u get a bye because im gonna have to drop out because im going to be gone for almost 2 weeks
    but ill be happy to play friendlies with u tomorrow
    that is if i can, my dad took my wii and he might give it back tomorrow
    so if i can ill pm u
    hey do u know who is gianfranco because tell him something because hes been inactive for a while
    Apparently 16 pounds too skiinny, haha. I don't try to be this way, I just have a fast metabolism and I go to the gym alot, but I just go to an MMA class for fun. haha. Oh well I like the way I am. : )
    I dunno, I just got it.. haha However you can burn a sweat. I just think it's fun. However if anything I should be gaining weight not losing. haha
    Nothing too much, just finished rearranging some stuff around. I got a Wii Fit today, and I loveeee it <3 !!! : )
    yeah why not ill be waiting for u also do u know how to make a new profile?
    hey, i put in your code, i was waiting... sure you got mine right ? ... 3909-7195-7042 ... oh well, we'll play another time - later
    Yea me too. but that unfortunately that wont be for a while. yesterday ( well early this morning at like 2:30 am AZ time) my wii kinda broke. it no londer reads disks. so i sent it to ninendo to repair it and they said it'll be 11-16 business days. so sorry :(
    srry geo my wi-fi broke down, but bro you were kicking my azz right now im telling u were beating me alone nice brawling though i reall like brawling you because me and u match up with each other.
    yeah i hope we find cool members like u guys,yeah and reaper is gonna spend the night at my house so if we brawl he'll probly be using my wii. just a heads up.
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