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  • LOL based on your comments I can tell you're a huge sore loser.

    I beat you in a Snake ditto, I don't even play snake. You suck, you're cocky when you can't back it up. Learn to play Brawl with respect.
    We can Brawl whenever you see me in Friend Finder. And yes, there's no need for trash talking. Let's just keep cool and have fun . :)
    **** dude. people got alot of beef on u. what the ****? what did u do. i mean its all cool man u dont need to trash talk bro. just chill and have fun dude, its just a game.peace
    You said that I spam, but you can't admit that it's you the one who spam,change your attitude and I'll fight you again.
    Your strategy:

    Pikachu- Spam down smash

    Snake- Spam side A

    Luigi- Spam up A

    Mario- Spam down smash

    Everyone- Spam sidestep dodge (although that's not a problem)

    Just admit you're a spammer and maybe we can fight again. I'm not insulting you, I'm being honest. If we DO fight again, it should be on FRIENDLY terms. The fact that you're bragging makes you childish and just un-cool. I already admitted I lost, so i'm not crying about anything. I'm just defending myself. Jeez, I already know what you're going to say. >_>

    "Man whateva.
    u just mad cuz i beat u!
    stop crying, i'm always gunna win."
    to me, you just look like a kid that get frustrated when he lose, time to grow up and learn to talk a proper way.
    you are lame, we fought 3 match, u won the first 2 and when i won the 3rd u left, if thats what u call being the best, fight me more game and u will see.

    both fight ive lost he had 1 lif eleft with somewhere arround 100% dmg, and the one ive won i had 1 life 63%, then after he says im garbage? sure kid, grow up
    Yeah good game man. Hope I wasnt too spammy for ya... Actually my first time playing online... Really good game man
    No, no ,no you misunderstood me. I have no beef with you "homie", but i'm just saying your moves are getting a LITTLE repetetive. You understand "homeslice"? Ye heard? It's just no fun fighting someone like that. I'm not mad "doggie-dog". I'm not as immature to write some hate message just because you beat me(about 7 times). You see, the only couple time that I DID beat you was when I was spamming Snake, LIKE YOU. But that's far too easy and no fun, so I stopped but you continued. You get it "golly-gee-whilickers"? Thanks, I hope we fight again.
    Nice match. Although it isn't the first time a SPAMMER has beat me before. After all, there are some flaws in the mechanics in Brawl that can't be beat. Oh well, I hope you learn some more techniques before we fight again. See ya.
    lol, cant win every time, you stopped my winning streak x) gg's
    btw, note your location. it was a bit hard to time those recoveries due lagg
    hey dude.. just a little question.. how do u edit your profile in the friend finder? ( u: 1v1 no items- searching for PRO SKILLED PLAYERS, IM GOOD SO BE READY) i cant find an option to edit this. could u awnser me in my profil? would be nice, thx
    well i dont care if i lost ill train harder to beat you thats all iam not mad about it i just need to get better so.. there you have it
    well i dont care if i lost ill train harder to beat you thats all iam not mad about it i just need to get better so.. there you have it
    "Wit yo wack *** bowser" Learn how to speak proper english you ****ing ******. You are the one is scared because all you want to play on is FD, can't play on one of my stages because you might lose. It's that simple *******. Go ahead and keep talking **** because my point has been made.
    u r real good thanks for the experience can u teach me something about g&w and yes that samus game was close ish but **** ur good at controlling the missless
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