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  • You need to calm down with your info on the Friend Finder. If you actually get any brawls, it's probably just from people who want to put you in your place.

    Nobody can beat me no item you pussys all suck, anytime u want it u can get it, if u suck i dont wanna play u. play my 2v2 TEAM pefer 2v2 but u can get it 1 v 1. bad conn wins battels r gay if its red i'm quittin, if conn is bad i wont even try uhost

    ... Yeah.
    i lagged also, so its even, and you lost, many time in repetition, stop trying to look good, the best you can beat is prolly computer, get on this forum when you grow up and learn to play kid :)
    Haha nice trash talker, i got buton delay cause of my connection and i owned you no item the 3 game we did, try to beat someone else than comp before thinking ur good ;)
    I won't hold anything back on you punk. Prepare to be obliterated! But to be a little nice I'll give you the option of giving up now before i beat you so bad you won't want to play brawl ever again.
    hey kid ........... i'm watching bleach so don't bother me for a match u can't win................come back when ur better...
    U got to be kidding me! I owned your butt so bad who loses against someone and doesn't even k.o them. Its funny to think your the one who was trash talking me first. Your not even worth my time. I OWNED YOU AND THE CONNECTION WAS POOR. I bet even someone who first got the game 5 minutes ago could own you.
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