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Boon :o
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  • Hey Boon, I was planning to host some old successful tournaments hosted throughout OTL and of course that would your tournament series "Boonfest". I don't really want to do this unless I have permission from the creator, so I'm here asking if I can use your tournament format and such to run another Boonfest at OTL.
    That's a badass Guym... I mean LFO you got there. I can never spell Neerbosh right.
    Yo, could you look into the Online Tourney Directors Social Group when you get a chance? We have new info and ideas and would like as much input as possible. =)
    Thanks for the invite, I might consider, though I lost "my" internet the last couple of weeks and been "hacking" another network, though its not in range of my wii (reasons why I haven't gone to boonfest), but I hope it gets fixed this week. And congrats on becoming a director.
    The badge looks good. I think I might use it. It's been a long time since I participated in a Boonfest.
    laugh:Boon, I got a new AIM screename for the upcomein Boonfest, it's SnowbirdHalo, the last one corrupted!?
    Boon, I got a new AIM screename for the upcomein Boonfest, it's SnowbirdHalo, the last one corrupted!?
    Hey man, great matches! You have a very good Kirby in my oppinion, but you need to work a bit on spacing. Your timing is exellent though. I look forward to playing against your brother, and I hope we can play again sometime too. Cya around, and keep on Brawling!
    Those last two matches weren't lagging too bad, anyways my friend came over so we are going to get off online, maybe we can play again some other day, cya
    your really good with wolf and ike, wish I could fight you but the lag is horrendous. Anyways you were probably lagging alot too but I like your style with wolf especially, most of the ones i fight pretty much just camp and spam Fsmash.
    Anyways too bad for the lag, I bet we would have a good game going on without it
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