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  • no man u have a crazy luigi bro. it was pretty hard to beat i thought u had me the first match.
    Hey there Geo,I was PKNes on our matches with Lee.Fun times.
    Your very good with Luigi(Got me with the Negative Zone,lol)& Ike.
    I agree! Great stuff. Loved your Luigi and your Ike is good too. Did you like my Ike taunt? xD
    did i already gave u mi wii number if not here it is. 2851 9043 6835 3111.im waiting for u to brawl sometime. peace
    Hey Geo. It's me, Shirahama, as the name implies. Do you think I was "badass" enough to join the Burning Brawlers? I believe I somewhat have but you haven't seen all my tricks. *chortle*
    sure sory lol. im still sorta new to this whole thing i only registered about 2 days ago. i read one of ur posts and i want to play u at brawl. my brawl code is:4983-5293-3516 and my wii code is: 8171-1271-1004-9788. peace
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