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  • Ok, I've got ya added.
    Btw, since I'm not on a whole lot, could you PM me whenever we're ready to play. in the tourney? ^^;
    Hi Brawl champ im fox91 and my Mario Kart Wii fc is 2149-0642-2968 give me yours so we can race sometime ;)
    BrawlChamp14, do you anyone who wants to be in the tournament or know anybody that's good because it's hard recruting new members okay message me okay bye.
    BrawlChamp14 do you want to join or more info message me okay bye oh and before I forget the partners and opponents are random okay bye.
    not realy lol jus board n decided to challange a random person lol but yea my fc is 356629326457 tell me wen u add me
    Hey, thanks. They were some good games. I thought your Falco was amazing.

    You really know how to handle Metaknight. i wasn't even close to beating you on any of the times you used him!

    If you'd ever like to play again, just let me know. I'm on mostly everyday in the evening. Whatever you'd like! :D
    Good game, but seriously, it lags so much that it's unplayable :( and besides that you're too good :)
    Are you still up for it?
    I didn't even know this website had profiles lmao.
    Yeah just have to win one match. I'll use my 3 top characters on you.
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