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  • Immortal One, yes, I absolutely want to brawl with you! I'm sorry, I missed you somehow earlier today, then I had to be at work =( But it's all good. It's almost 11:00pm (Specific Time...pacific time) so just let me know. If not, then hopefully tomorrow =) Let me know
    hey have u added me yet immortal? by the time u read this it should be wensday. ill add ur code now. mines 4983-5293-3516. peace! oh and that team battle would be nice. i got cata!
    yea sorry i was on the phone, I'm going to just play a few more matches then i have to leave. sorryyy!
    ooohhh haha! JUST KIDDING! I'm sooo sorry! One of my best friends is indian too! His name is Kiran, so people get confused too. hahha
    That can be arragned. I believe I already have you added. Have you added me? If so we can play now. By the way are you a girl too?? Exciting! haha we could do boys against girls!
    Hey we should all play together! I know Geo and Dale, so it will be fun with the four of us! we can play team battle. Whoo hoo : )
    Sure, I'd love to Brawl you sometime :D
    Everyone's been so nice to me in the 5 hours I've been a part of this community
    whats up immortal_one i see that ur a friend of dales we had a couple brawls not too long ago and would like to welcom u! we should brawl sometime!
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