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  • sorry we never got to play for a while...lol i got really busy with piano concerts for the past 3 months :urg: I'd actually like to play against your bowser again sometime this week so that I can get some practice for a tourney. (cause in that tourney, I'm playing a bowser lol) and also, just to let you know...I'll record and put some of the vids on youtube...

    mind letting me know?
    your bowser is very good! it was extremely difficult fighting him :p I want a rematch :) when are u available?
    jezuz that was intense. man i really need to get my bowser up to speed... that was sweet matches though...even tho i only beat u once. o well. i wanna rematch sometime...when im better lol
    Yeah, I was getting wicked lag on my end. Not that I wouldn't get pwnd anyway. I've never really played a good Bowser before, as I demonstrated. We should rematch later at night or in the afternoon, maybe I can give a better account of myself/Lucario.
    Sorry, I just saw your message...lol I was in Quebec, and I just came back, so I didn't see it. Well, you are one heck of a good bowser!! That's the first time I played one...you don't see too many bowser's online! so that was something different for me! I obviously need some practice against bowsers...so maybe we can brawl again! ;) although you completly destroyed me! Ya, I love playing ZSS; she's so fun!

    Ya, we gotta brawl again! especially since we are so close: You're in BC and I'm in Alberta! no lag...barely

    Ya, I am pretty aggressive, because that is one of ZSS's strong points...but I guess maybe it wasn't such a good idea vs. bowser, so I'll keep that in mind next time...thanks for the tip!
    No,I'm just getting a view of Bowser's play, you totally kicked my a$$ yesterday :(.

    That Fire Breath :mad:

    And those tilts reach farther that I thought :dizzy:

    I want a rematch :bee:
    GGs man. You've definently got one viscious Bowser (Flame Breath = over 9000!)

    And yea, my best character is definenlty the Dorf. Even if I pick higher tier characters, I still play better as Ganon for some reason....
    Lol If Norfair is Bowser's counterpick, Green Greens is Zelda's counterpick,
    she can teleport in between the platforms and command Din to the bomb
    blocks and BOOM! :bee:
    Yeah Fun Matches :)

    FINALLY!! I beated Bowser with Peach and Pit ( but only 1 time so it's not like i should be celebrating :()

    I'm learning Pit by the moment, I need to learn how to glide around the stage and master arrow looping :bee:

    But I can't beat you with Zelda :ohwell: I need to do it because she is my main ;)

    and Peach and Ike are my "secondaries".

    I guess that teaches me to not subestimate Bowser ;)

    The Power of the Heavyweights lol.

    I'm looking forward for more matches :laugh:
    Exactly, I've been looking to play some Bowsers, Ganondorfs, Zeldas and Peaches. But today I got ***** by Vili and You :bee:

    Vili used Zelda and Peach ( the same as me) and you used Bowser, could we practice more?
    So i can try to beat you after you beated me all the times :ohwell:

    Anyway, your Bowser is great, that fire breath is especially annoying and effective and as a plus, it stops approaches :dizzy:
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