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xX Boezy Xx
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  • "Sorry, but this doesn't look like a game, and it will most likely be closed."
    isn't that an unnecessary bump? I don't think you are supposed to reply to spam threads. sorry for talking too much like a mod, but meh, i just randomly remembered that rule.
    I went to this camp doing defensive drills and a guy from Bloomsburg university told me that I had the fanciest defensive footwork hes ever seen... So I switched positions =D

    Oh I was a horrible offensive middie... My dodges were crappy...
    I'll get back to your post soon but... LACROSSE PLAYER???

    What position??

    I'm a defenceman(ex middie)...
    Charizard's confusion is more tasty than my courageous death.

    I personally don't like him; I was in a huge pickle with the alliances at that. There was no hope.
    What reason not to join?

    And I need you on my side, all of the Rogue players are about to gang up on my friend. O_o
    Hey Boezy. I see you're currently not part of a clan, and was wondering if you'd like to hang around the one I'm in. If you're interested, go here.
    Hey, how's it goin man? Still rockin the Ganon? There's a 2vs2 Tourney goin on on the 14th of August, I believe. It's hosted on Wifiwars.com I already have a partner but if you'd want to play in it your welcome to, as well as any 1vs1 you want to do (:
    my diddy was knocking "you" around? Dude you won the majority if I recall.

    I guess I was on my best game though, I got a tourney tommorow and Im practicing my hardest. Good games man.
    your the best i played so far 1v1 o nd thanks on helping me get better even though i lost every match lol
    Good games, you're probably the best Ganondorf I've played. Felt like everything I did you got something off first. Sorry I wasn't more of a challenge :)

    P.S. It feels weird to beat Wolf then lose to Ganondorf.
    yeah good games. i love shieks recovery i thought about making a guide about how good it is but i dont want people to know about it =p

    the first match i saw ganon and thought haha another noob but i got my *** kicked. really impressive ganon good games =D
    Oh thanks! that means a lot! =)
    And your wolf was awesome i was a little scared playing it.
    yo boezy it seems we make a good pair in this tag brawl thing. We should do more as well as spar when fights are low.
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