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  • Hi nice to meet you my name is DK2 and i'm Luigi mainer do you a challenge sometime.

    friend code 1805-4015-6048
    I'd play him even if he sucked.
    that was quick. I was gonna change to my main too..

    Oh well, you're Luigi is really good.
    Surprise, it's west. I just so happen to main pikachu and luigi too...along with 5 others.
    3566-2754-5172 inv me whenever im on. u seem to be pretty good from wut ive been reading. hit me up hopefully its a challenge.
    i am not available all the time and my friend finder is left open so if i do not respond within 5 mins Im not there. and when i come back i just decline every challenge i see because i do not expect the challenger to be available at that time. sorry though.
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