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  • I had a piano lesson to attend to, annoyingly. -_- I went for five weeks without going to one, suddenly I have to go, it's all very abrupt...
    LOLOL!! sorry! im trying to keep up with ALL my friends and ive been doing a poor job of that lately! heh but YES i wanna be your BF!!! chyea!
    Once school started again I can't play during weekdays. But I can play on Fridays, weekends or holidays. Hope you understand it.

    But about my FC it's 2621-4058-9570.
    I'll brawl you now. Though I got to keep it within a two-minute match so its not going to be stock rules. I'll do two minute brawls with you until I have to leave for my Bro's football game today.
    Thanks, hd, I'm really flattered you think that! I think I could help you train sometime, but I'm done brawling for tonight. Also, if you really want a better idea of playing Marth, be sure to check out his character discussion and learn some stuff. And one thing you can do to help improve your game is practice lots offline, with lvl 3 CPUs, just practice your combos, but not with lvl 9s. And of course, if possible, search for other Smashers in your region, the best way to get better is to play with good people.

    - Boomy
    I detest WiFi, and I'm a general researcher, which means I just keep an eye out and study both quirky things and all sorts of general data.
    hmmmmmm.... me niether!! lol i think one of us asked if we wanted to brawl! cept.... it never worked out! lol
    Ehh... not as nice as it seems. It gets harder and harder to justify my lack of participation in society each year.
    I'm bored as hell and wondering if I should make my font just ever so slightly lighter.
    Not much. I just realized I haven't spoken to you since like New Years.
    well im usually on and off. so if i get off ill usually be back on in a short period of time!
    also, im not gonna be able to brawl in a few hours myself sadly.... my family is going shopping for our big vacation this year and well be gone for quite a while.... so if your free we may have to brawl tomoro or something? is that ok with you?
    yea...... wait, so do you agree with that or not?? lol
    sorry i got confused about that
    i COMPLETELY agree!! although i try to avoid the subject as best as i can because i know how alot of people feel about that!
    but i know first hand how annoying those moves can be becaues my brother always spammed like that...
    but i agree that the character is only as good as the player makes him/her.
    .... whoops sorry... :embarrass
    those are some cool characters though! i never could figure out dedede and snake.... i dont know i just never could play him! hahah
    i usually play as pit, toon link or luigi(OCCASIONALLY lucario, and trying to learn jigglypuff) but mainly those 3!
    im not that great wityh luigi yet but im getting there thats for sure!
    who do you amin?
    but as i said earlier, ill brawl but im not amazing, and not necessarily a great teacher by any means.. but well still play and who knows, both of us might learn a little something!
    hey!!! lol were both on now!! when do ya wanna do this? im bout to eat here in a sec but im free in about 15-20 minutes or so!
    sure ill brawl!! but im pretty modest but im not a great brawler myself but well see!!! you dont seem to be on right now..... -.-, but tell me when!!
    woah idk I'm not that good :V
    If you have msn we could play and see if I can help you but I guarantee you that I can't guarantee you anything :V
    hey HD remember me ? 8D
    I'm TreK, but you may have known me as Kiros back in the day
    Nice to see you lurking in the luigi boards =)
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