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  • dude I aint hyped up just bored to death oh well ggs and you need to work on alot of stuff like hitting me.... and for the record I barly tried at all to beat u yeah right u suck ***
    ok then we gonna have a three way brawl then k lol i add you some one else in the fight arena wants to come to
    sure i guess i do play wifi often so sure. if its sonic you want i cant do sonic i suck *** with em. and how do you know im ace with almost all chars if you never have played me yet? (unless your that fait guy)
    huh. We just take Finals over her in my part of the asylum. Just test on over everything we learned through the semester.
    Like um, your classes go:
    Then the next day they go
    You have 8 classes but only 4 each day.
    Still in school? Ah. I barely got out last week. Finals killed me. did just fine. Good luck with that.
    Sorry but I don't use Sheik. Good luck with that though. I'd like to show you the improvement I've done with Sonic, Ike and Captain Falcon though.
    Actually, I had Brawl since release, and I had to sell my Wii in July. I just kind of kept my skills since then, if I had any skills. lol
    Not constantly, though. It is at the gaming cafe, which isn't free, so I can't do it anytime.
    Sorry. But let me know if you need anything else, because you are just making me feel bad that I am useless right now. :ohwell:
    I know, silly. We just never played each other for you to know I am good. I'm just decent. I'm no pro at this game.

    I would love to help you with anything. It is just I can only train you indirectly because I do not possess a Wii or even have access to one as of now. But helping is my job here. :D
    Haha. No way. I am not that great at Smash to become one. I just like the purple name. lolol
    Heeey Hd! We both seem to go to the new new arena at bad times :)

    Just stooping by to say that I added you a looooong time ago when we were going to play one another but I think you had to go..or something. So your name has been sitting there for awhile now. Add me, you never know when we'll be on the smash wi-fi at the same time!
    hey. Sorry for the delay. Breakfast. Sure, Go easy on me too. Played Smash since the beginning but still mediocre. Message me back when you get this message.
    Go for the weakness that you find the most bearable to live with. That's why I main Sonic, speed, with Bowser, Strength and Falcon, mixture. If you have three characters it's easier to counter someone who you know will use a certain character the next match. I use Sonic for three matches and you use Bowser for three matches. You win all three so I pull a fast one and use Falcon. Since he's a mixture my probability of winning went up since Bowser is slow but Falcon also is a heavy hitter (to an extent.) I can rack up damage AND have a better chance of surviving since Falcon isn't as light as Sonic.
    If you haven't already play the subspace Emissary. I played that and then replayed it using only Sonic. I was really bad at him but I got better. It just really depends on what you like in a character. A lot of people I played against at first said that I sucked at Sonic and that I should get a better main but now the comments I get are that Sonic is broken and it sucks playing against me. That I should get a new main because he's annoying. Just go with what you feel comfortable with or like.
    It really doesn't matter who you use since every character has it's own weakness and strength. You have to trade some for the other.
    You should get a main. It's safe to say that learning every character's potential flaws would be too time consuming to do. If you had a main then you can easily find out just the flaws of your main then find the flaws of the other characters. Even if your not good at all with your main you still have to stick with it. After a lot of wifi matches and getting beat a lot while playing against different fighting styles I still use Sonic and the others instead of giving in and maining Random.
    Well to answer it better then, I am part of that group so I could show myself as either a smash apprentice or a Smash directer. I'ts my choice and I can change back at any time :)

    sorry if I came off rude or anything.
    Lol at the randomness of it all. I could change it if you like.
    I am not hosting any tournaments right now so see no point in strutting along like I am part of something I'm not :)
    they were jumping u 2? him n his friend started jumpin me but i beat da **** out of them wit r.o.b. so wat do u think of my r.o.b.?
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