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  • the stuff's in your mailbox, sorry it's so late, i was running late for work so had to wait til after
    Sorry what's your address again? I know the street and general area but I won't remember the exact house ><. I'll drop the stuff off as soon as I can.
    Any time after 6pm tonight good for me to drop that stuff off? sorry it took so long as soon as i got over that flu i got a job offer and have been working overtime
    Don't worry TJ I haven't forgotten your stuff, I've just been really sick this week after getting back from Apex ><. I promise I'll get this stuff to you as soon as I can.
    Sorry I keep forgetting about that, I'm leaving for Apex today though but as soon as I get back from the weekend I'll get them to you.
    sup boomy? long time no play. let me know when u available for some matches
    Thanks for your response. Good players would include you :D. Well I have visitied the marth character discussion boards many times and I've read everything apart from the matchup thread which may take longer to read and sink in.
    Hey Boomy! I know you're an amazing Marth main and I played you one time when I was an even bigger noob and underestimated you. But now I main marth and at least having a main has changed the way I look at this game. So I was wondering if we could brawl some time for some 'training'? I really wanna learn from you and well, you're the closest I can get to Mr-R or Mike Haze :D:D.

    Thanks man/girl :D
    lmao! yeah most falco's i fight revolve around using their reflector on me which kills me... but still gg's budz:p
    no problem:p if you stayed marth the whole set you wouldve won 2-0 why didnt you stay him?
    whats your FC though both of us have to have each other added to let the other one join:p FC budz?
    HAI! okay lets do it right now:) my FC iz 4768-7105-1523, lets start on FD and my cp iz smashville:p goodluck, also whats your FC?
    sorry i wuz doing a bunch of chores for my parents and i couldnt get to ze computer ill play you asap...
    hey buds we haz to fight for melfice z's tourney:p my FC iz 4768-7105-1523.. my cp iz smashville and lets start on FD:)
    I remember you telling me to update you on upcoming tournaments :bee:
    theres RK3's explosive tournament (i joined ;) ) that could use more people, and i might be making my first tourney soon so id appreciate if youd join mine :D
    ggs boomy, when I fight someone I can tell who the better player is; with us I honestly couldn't. we should play again soon, I think we can learn alot from eachothers gameplay
    Hey... I'm still interested in brawling you/recording. If you're interested, just Friend me or message me, whatever.
    GG's man!

    I know I'm using WAY too much down b in the air, and maybe too much firebreath.

    You really helped with my spacing, though. I'm HARDCORE weak against faster chars, gonna try to work on that more.

    Hope to face you again, dude!
    Hey, I'll Brawl you, Boomy.
    Hope you're still, on, I just woke up lol.
    Send me a message back if you want to, either private or profile idc.

    And also tell me if you want to host or not.

    I'm a Diddy Main, just so you know. I play some Marth and Tink as well.
    Nice games, Boomy! That was an awesome Falco you played. I had tons of trouble with that guy!
    Good duels boomy, I haven't played regular brawl in 2 months. I've been playing nothing but brawl+ and kupo's version of Brawl+. So my gaming was really rusty on how the regular mechanics work.
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