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  • If you bring it I'll play it on the 360. It just takes a little getting used to the fatass controllers :p
    Oh, haha, I'm not bringing anything to Houston, you kidding me? XD

    I usually play on PS3 though.
    Yeh, I'll be at HOBO 18. Will be cool to play you, I need some Taokaka experience, I still have issues from time to time with rushdown characters.

    Also, do you live near/know where Santi lives? I have a couple of things of his and if you can pass them on to him it would be great.
    you have any room left in your carpool? id like to go now, a few smashers are going that i have not seen in a while or yet seen at all.
    could i possibly get a ride to san japan with u on friday and saturday? ill pay gas moneyz
    Why not she's my favorite BB character, and I dont think she's as broken as people think...besides Taokaka goes even with her so what are you complaining about? lol
    i dont know they havent contacted me and i dont know who they are. im sure if i talked to them i could have them come. : / do you knowa guy named Craig AKA King of Fighter by any chance?
    Yeah I know, stuff happens. But we go to you guys tournies as well as Houston, so maybe one day you'll want to return the favor. You never know, besides, there is our thread if you want to drop by and say hi to the RGV or advertise a San Antonio tourney.

    Hey Grey, how exactly did you hack your Wii to include textures and allow for the use of single Pokemon? I'm sure there's a thread somewhere here, but I'm having trouble finding it.
    Hey, sorry I kind of stole your idea for an avatar, lol. Thought I should let you know. I liked the idea so much I took a snapshot of Zelda's facepalm myself, lolol. I hope you don't mind!
    well if it aint ma good friendly rival lol
    Hey GF. Don't know if you got my message on the Zelda thread. I'm open for some games. im hosting a room (SiHi)
    I learned quite a bit from watching your style, I'm glad I fought you. You've got some techniques that I haven't thought of implementing. You also had a good Sonic, I don't fight too many of them so I was glad to have the chance!
    I saw your post in the Zelda Friend Finder, I’ll Brawl you if you’re still up for a match.
    I see PhantomX from time to time. He's usually at JadedLink's on Thursdays and sometimes I'll join them for smash on occasion when I have time. They're pretty cool guys. :3
    hmm, maybe I can make some time when I'm not volunteering so we can smash. :3
    Do you talk to any other Austin brawlers?
    Hey get online if you can! We'll have some normal brawl matches... hopefully there's little lag! Host a game and I'll join.

    That's very weird... you were fighting me... and then you'd just jump off and SD >.<

    There was one code I didn't have and that was the level freezer. It would freeze my game so I didn't include it, perhaps that could be what's causing us to see different things.
    You kept suiciding. I take something messed up down your end?

    Brawl+ Zelda is insane.
    I was surfing around and first noticed the year in your name which I thought `cool` but then noticed not only that, it was your birthday. Happy 23rd sir, and enjoy the upcoming Chun Li movie. Hm... well I figured it might be better than nothing. There`s no way whoever they pick will be as awesomely strong and hot as Chun Li, she has megathighs.
    Didn't get the message in time. Meh. I guess we can play a few matches then.

    Head over to SWF chat and we can talk there
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